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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too Good To Be True?

Well, I'm not sure if I'm dreaming or not....this seems too good to be true.  I got a package in the mail yesterday and look what was in it:

Mary Jane bought this for me from Joyce at their Holiday Sale last weekend.  I just love the colors.  Isn't it so cute?  I think it is an Indygo Junction Pattern.

As if that was not enough, later in the day I had to go to the store for some Milk and Cinnamon Bagels (the boys love raisins though).  I was passing a display and I felt this a lightening bolt to my upper chest.  Was it a heart attack? felt too a lightening bolt from Cupid.  I glanced down and what did my weary eyes behold:

All of a sudden I got warm all over (nothing like a hot flash....more like my water breaking).  I felt like I was floating off the ground a little bit .... like an out of body experience.  I heard the most amazing music in my angels were singing all around me.....was I about to make my transition from this earth? was just those Tim Tams speaking to me.  

HERE in the US....TIM TAMS put out by Pepperidge Farm. 

Now, I beg you to use caution when making a decision to purchase these.  There is no warning label on them like there are cigarettes and liquor.  You have to depend on your own sense of inner guidance to know what the recommended dosage is on these little bites of pure heaven.  As far as I know, there are no 12 step groups for these, so prepare to go it alone from here.  I don't ever plan on recovery from Tim Tams so please don't ever contact me and request is no use!!!  You can never blame me for your addiction either....because you had informed consent!!!  From here on are on your Tim Tam own :)

Via con Dios`

Celestial Smiles,


  1. You crack me up... I know how wonderful it feels when a special tasty treat is found...I'm the same way...

  2. Thanks Kelly..thanks a one more thing I will find myself looking for to enhance my figure!!!!;-)

  3. I can not believe you--contributing to the delinquency of quilters everywhere! I can resist though because they are not gluten free and are poison to me. But dang they do look good!

  4. Oooh, I've never heard or seen Tim Tams, but now I'm going to have to be on the look out for them. How can I resist when they come so highly recommended!! (and look yummy)

  5. I have never seen or heard of Tim Tams before. They sure sound yummy!

  6. Such a cute pincushion and yummy...Tim Tams, they sound great:) It was nice to see you also on Saturday I enjoyed sitting with you;) I'm also using google reader now, it's great. Happy Holidays to you! Jenna Louise

  7. Hi Kelly, we have Tims Tams over here in Oz too....and you just have to try a Tim Tam Slam! Make a hot coffee or hot chocolate....when it's made, bite a smallish corner off one Tim Tam, then bite off the diagonal corner....dip one bit off corner into your hot drink and gently suck on the diagonal corner (ie the one you didn't dunk!) and as soon as the warm/hot fluid comes on through...slam the whole biscuit in your mouth....and prepare to further contribute to spreading the delinquency of quilters across the world....just remember Tim Tam Slam...and where you heard it Hugs Naomi


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