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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daylight Needlework Up Light 65.99 Only at I Have A Notion

Here I am in my very clean house fully dressed with my spectacles on doing some stitching.  I have fresh flowers delivered daily and really enjoy relaxing during the afternoon with a bit of stitching. 

If you are a regular reader you are already rolling your eyes.  If not, you should roll your eyes.  This is not even my reality.....however needing more light is.  I find the older I get, the harder it is to see without very bright lights.  I prefer Daylight Lights because they are brighter (just ask my neighbors....I have them in every light on the first floor and my house looks like a landing strip).

The Daylight Needlework Up Light (suggested retail 89.99) is only 65.99 through December 15th at I Have A Notion.  Why such a good deal?  Because if you are like me, you wait to buy these types of stitching accessories when they go on sale.  We wait and wait and wait and typically don't get around to getting ourselves a nice light.  So if this describes you or a dear friend or family member, stop by I Have A Notion and see the good deals for yourself.

Bright Smiles,


  1. I am a regular reader and I'm not rolling my eyes. I've never heard about this product previously. Sounds great, even though I don't do much handwork anymore. But I know many who like to applique and I'll share this with them. And, if I get back into doing applique or other handwork I'll definitely pursue getting this from IHAN. Good lighting makes all the difference!

    Glad to know about this product and that IHAN carries it. Price is very good too! Great gift idea!


  2. That is another thing on my list to get.....

  3. I thought her hair was a bit darker and longer than yours. Otherwise I thought she could have been your twin! ;0)


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