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Monday, December 7, 2009

A wee bit of Cirque

I don't think I've shared with anyone about my big interview coming up here in January.  I'll let you in on a little have to promise not to tell a Soleil.  I have been invited to interview for a position with Cirque du Soleil.  Apparently someone from Cirque has been reading my blog.  They were so impressed with my balancing act they phoned me requesting an interview.  I need to be ready to replace one of these people by January.  Which one should I replace?  Hmmmmm....

I have been practicing......

How do you think I'm doing?  Do you think I'll be ready by January 2010? Me either.  But I sure had fun at the Imagination Station in Toledo this weekend.

Posted by Picasa

Aaron played fireman and had a ball.

The boys got to visit with St. Nick.

Zach was making a magnetic sculpture. 

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Yes this is my husband.  Rick was pretending to be moving in slow motion.  Makes you wonder why he would be married to someone as boring as me ay?  LOL

The boys attempting to walk through a room that is tilted on an angle.  If I just walk near the opening of this room I instantly feel ill.  I have no idea how children can play in there for so long without becoming sick to their stomach.

Zach busting a move on the piano.

All of that on a Saturday night.  Then on angel appeared:

To put a star on our Christmas tree.

The end to a fun weekend:

Waking up Monday morning to find some snow falling.  The boys had to see some tire tracks in the snow.  They jumped on their bikes and took a little spin in the driveway before the bus arrived.

Ahhhh....if every weekend were so much fun.  I guess it is all a balancing act ay?

Circus Smiles,
(Disclaimer-the stuff about Cirque calling me...was BS....well VBS...Very Believable Stuff....for those with reality problems...LOL)


  1. how fun! looks like you all had a great time at that place...
    thanks for sharing!
    Beth in Dallas

  2. LOL. Very fun post. I actually think you'd make a delightful Cirque du Soleil person. I can clearly imagine you up on stage performing. You'd have hundreds of IHAN products balanced on your head, and be quilting a beautiful quilt in one hand, and cooking a fantastic dinner with your toes, and magically you'd be shimmering in mirrors as you participate in the PTA/School activities and all the various things you need to do on an hourly basis.

    Yes, you are unbelievable and Cirque du Soleil would be lucky to have you perform for them!


  3. You are a NUT!! By I love nuts so I'll keep reading!! Have a great day :)

  4. VBS.... bwahahahahahaha... you crack me up...

    Imagination Station looks fun. Can 47 and 52 year old big kids go?


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