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Friday, July 9, 2010

Blooming Possibilities by Abbey Lane Quilts at Spring Quilt Market 2010

I had to walk into this booth and look at everything, up close, over and over.  Blooming Possibilities was one of those "something for me" books that I bought while at Quilt Market. 
Janice Liljenquist (above) and Marcea Owen are the owners of Abbey Lane Quilts and Blooming Possibilities is their first book.  What a great first book!!  I just had to have it so I bought it for myself.  Sorry, no giveaways on this one folks :(
One of the projects in Blooming Possibilities is the hat that Janice is wearing. I absolutely loved the hat and the gorgeous flower on the side. Perfect for any occasion really (ok, not a funeral...I knew that is what you were thinking....but if the person loved flowers you could.).

Look at these "Blooming" flower pins.  I think they are so much fun.  I got a bright yellow one and wore it at Market.  I also wore it yesterday on a black V-neck t-shirt.  It looked great and I had several people comment on how nice it looked.  Later in the day, Zach pulled on it to see what it was and broke it.  A needle and thread will put'er right back where she belongs!

Here are more photos of their booth.  I'm so glad they said I could take photos!!!  Their booth won an award for "Best Merchandising" at Spring Quilt Market.  You can see why too.  Everything was interesting and uncomplicated by "other" distracting decorations.  When you have fun stuff you can just put it out there and you don't really need to add all the other jazz some folks feel they need.  I'm into the "show me what you got" type displays. You can see more photos of their award winning booth on their blog, Abbey Lane Quilts dot blogspot dot com.
Look at that dress.  A plain dress turned into a great dress with three pins.  You know I love the flowers on the shoes and the wall hanging.  Now I'm not saying you should wear the dress, hat and shoes on the same day here!!!  Unless you are one of "those" who can pull off anything (then I hate you and so do a zillion  I would love to have those flowers on the wall in my entry way.  I guess I have some work to do ay?
This is the Abbey Bag.  It is a pin cushion and scrap bag.  You know how I love pin cushions and this big flower is just so inviting.  I'd be tickled to pull it out at a stitch-in or a retreat and just snip and pin while it sat next to ME on the table.  Isn't it funny how the littlest things in life make ya smile?
The Abbey Bag pattern and the Blooming Possibilities are available at IHAN.  Adding more Abbey Lane Patterns to the website is on my to-do list that is a mile long.  So if there is a pattern you are interested in you can e-mail me or contact Abbey Lane Quilts.

Hope you had fun....I know I did and looking at these photos brings back some great memories.  More to come so stay tuned for the next edition of "Spring Quilt Market 2010" through the IHAN eyes.

Blooming Smiles,


  1. What a fun booth....soo fun...

  2. Cute stuff. I'm a might too tailored for the pins, but I could dig the shoes and totes...

  3. What a fun new blog to follow thanks to Miss Rosie...Love what I see here..Louise

  4. Lots of fun pieces, something my daughter would like.
    I tend to be the plain Jane, and I have more black shirts in my closet than any other color;)


  5. That is a cool scrap bag and the pin cushion is out of this world. That would hold a gazillion pins. Most pin cushions are so whimpy.

  6. Thanks so much Kelly for all the kind words. We had a lot of fun making the book and setting up the booth displays. We get really excited when other people like what we do. Anytime you need anything, just let us know. We will be coming back to your blog often.
    Janice and Marcea


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