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Friday, July 23, 2010

Chicken Chaser

I'm having such a good time here in PA.  When was the last time you took a vacation and did only what you wanted to do without any "have to's?"  I have not done that since my 30th Birthday when I took a Cruise by myself.  After 16 years I thought it was high time!!  So I'm enjoying a week of stitching and visiting with girlfriends.  Talk about having a ball....

This is my friend Anne's new chicken coop.  She  has just started raising chickens.  Much to my surprise when I saw them....they were not all white.  When I think of chickens I think of white birds not the variety that they come in....see I'm a city

Anne is in front and Mary Jane is behind wearing yellow.  We were watching the little chickens run around and do their little chicken peck at dirt and such.

It was getting late and it was time for them to go to bed so Anne said I could help her put them in their coop.  Surprisingly enough I was afraid of those little things....they ran like a dickens to get away from me.

Success....finally I had caught one.  By the second night I had it down....I would chase them into a corner and then one by one pick them up and put them into the coop.  They needed some water so I took the bowel into the house and filled it up and brought it back out to the coop.  Once I opened the gate one jumped out and started running.  I set the bowl of water down and chased the little run away and put it back in the coop.  By that time they others had spilled the water I had just filled.  So back into the house for more water....after the second trip and running the water was time for me to use the bathroom.....then back out to the chicken coop.  All I could think of was the book about giving the mouse a will always be something funny. 

We waited for two nights to see the momma bear come with her four cubs but I was not able to see them.  Hopefully before I go I'll be able to see them come over the mountain.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

These are some of my PA friends, Kay, Me, Mary Jane and Bev.  We had dinner together before the Guild meeting on Monday night.  Oh I have to share about Monday night....what an incredible night.  I'll do that soon I promise.

Our Tuesday group got together to stitch.  From left to right: Phyllis, Kay and Leona.

Left to right: Carol, Bev, Mary and Marge.  Several gals were not able to be there on Tuesday and I sure did miss them.  These are the lovely ladies I spent 11 months with when I lived in this area.  I don't get much chance to visit with them and I decided it was time for some "me" time.  I'm having a wonderful time and my spirit is full and I have had many peak moments while here.  I'll post more soon....wait until you see the feed sacks and me in the feedsack that is worth waiting for....what a hoot.

Joyful smiles,


  1. believe it or not, I want some chickens.....we can't have them here in our neighborhood......give those chickens a kiss for me before you leave. haha

  2. How fun.....

    My husband loves chickens, he can even put them to sleep in his hands....

  3. What a great time you had with friends! You spent it in my homestate of nice!

  4. Glad you're enjoying!!

    Are you sure you want to see the bears? Check out the slideshow and article about a neighborhood south of me:

  5. Hahahahaha... you chasing chickens... I love it!

    Judging from the smiles in this group, I think they miss you as well.


  6. What a fun time for you (and your friends)...not sure the chickens enjoyed your visit as much, though. LOL What part of PA is this?

  7. White chickens? LOL
    The ones we have around here are usually red or brown, never saw a white one.
    Hope you get to see the bears. I have still not seen a moose in the wilds of maine, only at the zoo.



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