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Monday, July 12, 2010

Creative Grids Long Arm Quilting Templates by Pat Barry at Spring Quilt Market 2010

One of my goals while in Minneapolis at the Spring Quilt Market was to learn more about Long Arm Quilting.  I even thought I would approach a Long Arm Quilt Machine and take a test drive....that never happened.  What I did accomplish however was learning about the Creative Grids Long Arm Quilt Templates that were designed by Pat Barry.  Pat was so incredibly friendly and kind while she took her time to educate me about the Creative Grids Long Arm Quilting Templates that she has designed.

These are the Sweet Set Curve System that comes in a variety of sizes.  There are two curve heights has  1″ and 1 ½″. Each height has four widths or repeats to choose from.

These are the Creative Grids Concentric Shape Templates shown here.  I have seen all of these templates but never really had an appreciation for them until Pat took the time to educate me.  I thought she did an excellent job of explaining the importance of these templates and their benefits for Long Arm Quilters.  Previously I had been very intimidated by Long Arm Quilters and felt like I just did not have enough base information to form an educated question. 

Pat demonstrated how these templates work:
The templates are a set.  One side is the Placement Guide and the other is the Machine Guide.

You can see here how they are lined up.  Pat's website, Pat Barry Quilts dot com, has excellent instructions for the exact how to use the templates written out and here is the Creative Grids video.  She also has a Patented Size Chart for the Sweet Set Templates to determine which width you need for a perfect corner-to-corner border fit when choosing a Template.  All of the Sweet Set Templates are on the IHAN website along with links to the videos and the Patented Size Chart.

Pat is pointing to the chart to help me understand how it is all accomplished. Honestly I was so impressed that I actually thought I could follow the instructions and understand what she was talking about.  Quit mind goes blank when I'm intimidated and then I find it very difficult to understand when people speak to me.  At least I'm continent when intimidated!!

Here Pat was demonstrating how the Concentric Circles Template works. 

Here you can see how nice and thick (1/4") and sturdy the Templates are.  The needle on the hopping foot goes through the opening so you can just move in and out of the circle.  Interesting isn't it?  It was/is to me because I had no idea how these things worked
I thought the Sweet Set Concentric Hearts was neat because it comes with the "key to your heart."  The key actually fits nicely into the bottom of the Template so the hopping foot can go around the outside smoothly. 
The "key to your heart" is also a very useful tool in and of itself because it is a 1/4" guide as well. Check this out, you can put a marking pen/pencil into the circle and move it around any template for a perfect addition of a 1/4". 

This is the Creative Grids Quilt Machine Stipple Stitcher also designed by Pat Barry (quite the designer wouldn't you say? )

I really liked how Pat was able to move the hopping foot around with the Template instead of the "handle bars."  I get intimidated by the "handle bars" and I thought this would allow for much finer work and accuracy.

These were some of the stitches Pat recommended for beginners when they are learning to do Long Arm Quilting.  I would call my self a "peri-beginner"  ROFL.
While reading Pat's website I saw this and thought it was very informative: Why Sweet Set Templates are the best.  What a great way to explain the Templates and share with others what is unique about them.  I wish every product came with a sheet like this one.  Don't you?

Pat will be teaching some classes in September 2010.  Click here to check out her schedule.

Thank you Pat for taking your valuable time to educate me!!!  Pat gave me some extra "key to your heart" templates which add a perfect 1/4 inch!!!  I'll enclose one free in any Creative Grids Rulers or Creative Grids Template purchase until they are gone....thanks to Pat :)



  1. I clicked over to the video. Those are cool! Now that I have my bad mamma jamma machine, I need to do more quilting...LOL

  2. Way cool. And now I want a long arm machine! room in my little home, but if I had a basement I'd definitely get these rulers and a longarm machine.


  3. That post was very interesting...I can see how those templates could be very useful to a beginner....

  4. thanks for the birthday wish and the info about the long arm quilting...even though I don't use a long arm, it was fun to see all the info

  5. Do you still have any of the sweet circle templetes for sale

    1. You do not have an email associated with your comment, so I am replying here... Those templates were discontinued several years ago, and sadly none in stock. You might try looking/asking on the Yahoo Group 'Sew its for Sale' and see it someone is willing to part with theirs. Beth


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