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Friday, July 16, 2010

Connie St. Clair Wearables at Black Swamp Quilt Guild and IHAN Life

Chapter 1
Do you remember my recent post about Abbey Lane Quilts? (by the way, they still have their giveaway going on :) I had to post this photo of me wearing my Blooming Possibilities pin.  See, I'm not much of a frills type gal, but this pin really was fun to wear....proof I'm hip too :)

I know tattoos are in style but I'm not a tattoo type girl either.  But while doing a demo of the Sizzix and Westminster Fabric Cutter I cut this applique shape and decided it would be a fun "just for today" tattoo.  I'm thinking some Roxanne's Basting Glue would be just the ticket to hold this in place just for the day.
Chapter 2
This is my doctor and his name is Dr. Domini.  He has attempted to retire but I just won't let him rest.  Dr. Domini is the only doctor that I will see for general purposes.  I actually left a message on his home phone while he was away and last Sunday evening he returned my call.  I told him my issue and he said to stop by the office the next day.  How often does that happen?  See, now you know why I love my doctor.  Besides, check out how happy he matter how busy the office is, he has always taken the time to address my concerns with a smile and interest. 

Dr. Domini rides his bike through the neighborhood and one day he actually yelled my test results from his bike....and they say you can't get good care these days....well you could if you were a patient of Dr. Dominis :)
Chapter 3
Rosemary and I have been promising ourselves we would get together and pull out our Paintstiks and have some fun.  On Wednesday morning we did just that and here is our mess to prove it.  We sure did have a good time and I can't wait for our creations to dry so we can heat set them.

This is just a close up of some leaves we ay?
Chapter 4
Connie St. Clair came to speak at the Black Swamp Quilt Guild meeting last week.  Connie is one amazing woman.  She makes clothes and enters them into the Hoffman Challenge.  She has won several prizes and after looking at some of these wearables, you will know why.
This jacket was my favorite....I'm sure you can guess why....these are my colors.  Do you know what the embellishment is made of?
You'll probably never guess so I'm going to tell you....she put a heat gun to felt that she had embellished with a bit of paint.  Then she pulled it apart and stitched it to a jacket she had made.  Incredibly cool indeed!
This jacket was fun because she hand embroidered the entire thing.
I would have to have a house full of dummies wearing all these pieces of art if I had made them.  Did I just say a house full of dummies?  Nah....can't be....cuz I don't hang out with dummies.
This one was neat because she outlined each applique with beads that she hand stitched around the design.

Yes, the zippers actually work.
Connie said instead of buying fabric with a design on it....she created her own design.  These were cut from other fabric and then appliqued to the top of the jacket.  It is hard to see the little shiny here is a close-up:
Yes those are washers with a bit of yarn tied to them.  How cool is that?
This was certainly a labor of love.  I don't even want to know how many hours it took to make this jacket and the back is just as impressive.
I could not help but love the keys on this vest.  There were keys on the back too.  Connie said she routinely shops at the hardware store for interesting things to embellish her clothes.  I think this vest is way cool.  I know if a kindergarten teacher wore that to class all the kids would just love it too.
This was an interesting jacket/cover-up that Connie made out of tulle.  I really liked the female figure that was sewn into the garment.

Back to the hardware store for this outfit.  Those rings are key rings....amazing isn't it?

I really enjoyed Connie's presentation.  There was so much to look at that I only took a few photos because I think you really need to see the garments to truly appreciate the incredible works of art that they are. 

That wraps up what is going on around about you....what have you been up to lately?



  1. That was alot to absorb...

    Loved looking at the jackets, don't know if I would wear them but they are wonderful.

    Love the tat....

  2. The best and the jackets are gorgeous! The workmanship is just lovely!

  3. Love the way your doctor dresses, he's so colorful. Did you have to call him to get that tatoo off?

  4. Is Dr. Domini a quilter? I love his very colorful patchwork shirt!! And, yes, the leaves are very cool.

  5. Ah, a Doctor with purple pants and a loud shirt! I love it. I wouldn't let him retire either!

    Oh my gosh! Connie's clothing is amazing. I am glad I don't make clothes, after seeing her work, I would just quit.

  6. Well you KNOW what I've been up to. Packing and moving. We will sleep at the new house tonight :-) YAY!!! But there is still much to do. My BFF from OHIO is coming in on Monday to spend the week with me, so girlfriend time is coming up!

  7. Some awesome outfits that Connie has made....what a clever lady :)

  8. Great post. Like going to a show and taking a workshop, all rolled into one. Inspirational. I just wish I could pop over and play with you and those paintsticks. Such fun.


    PS - Hope the Dr. visit did the trick!

  9. LOVE the good doctor's shirt. And his smile too. *S*

  10. Very creative pieces!!

  11. Great ideas and inspiration for decorating clothing.


  12. love that tattoo, i would sooo get one like that....your dr is styling....

  13. Thanks Kelly for mentioning our little contest we have running. By the way, the flower looks great!!! Good Luck.

    Janice and Marcea
    Abbey Lane Quilts


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