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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Birdie Secrets....Shhhh it's a Secret! or is It?

The real problem with Little Birdie not too many of us can keep a secret.  I know I can't....especially when it comes to creative tools.  Take a deep breath and get yourself a box of Kleenex.  You are going to need it because although I'm tempting you to enter for this giveaway.....all my psychic energy is vibrating at high intensity right now and I'm drawing this SILHOUTTE Digital Cutting Tool to me.....via energy waves.  I feel the vibes.....there is no penetrable source that could keep me away from this prize....not even KRYPTONITE!!!

I'm not even going to post any photos of the incredible things this baby'll have to click here to see what the Little Birdie Says about this.....and besides.....I really don't want to call the National Weather Service and announce the flash flood that will be arriving with all those tears.  Sorry know when I want something....NOTHING gets in my way :)

My true spirit shinith through :)
Evil and Wicked Smiles,


  1. Wow. This would really help you decorate your new office. Good luck!


  2. Thanks again, Kelly, for sharing about this amazing machine. You are always on top of everything.

  3. oooh, pretty! I don't need one, but it is tempt-worthy.... let us know if you win it. I'll send some vibes your way...

  4. Oh wowie... that looks awesome! Thanks for telling us about it, I went and had a look straight away!

  5. Who wouldn't need this book? I have a mountain of scraps that need a home :), hopefully on a much loved quilt one day!

  6. Wow, you got powers there working for you! No flash flood yet, but the first rain in a while after a heat wave here in the midwest...

  7. Good luck Kelly! I hope you win!!!(I am not even entering!)

  8. What an amazing machine - love the card ideas, ooh I'd never buy one again!

  9. That is a neat machine and being able to make custom cut outs is a great thing to be able to do.


  10. Wow, that looks like a fun tool to have around. Love all the stuff you can do with it. Thanks for sharing your secret, I'll keep it between you and me. :)


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