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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tutto - Machine on Wheels - Spring Quilt Market 2010

I am frequently surprised when I say Tutto Bag in a conversation and the person asks what a Tutto bag is.  For some reason I think everyone who sews or quilts and has ever taken their machine on a retreat or on a trip knows about  Tutto bags.  I'm not exactly sure why that is, I think because when I first started taking quilt classes it seemed like everyone had one.  When you go to Quilt Market , Shows, and Seminars many of the folks use them to carry the brochures they gather, purchases, and their extra shoes in them.  So, for those of you who don't know what a Tutto bag they are:

They are Sewing Machine, Serger, and Machine Embroidery travel bags.  They come a variety of fun colors and they are very sturdy yet light weight.  They have 4 wheels on the bottom, open from the top or side, have a variety of pockets on the inside and outside and they fold to 3" so they can be easily stored.
These are the Machine Embroidery Bags.  They are padded and have inside straps to keep your embroidery modules secure.  There is a front compartment that has built-in organizer pockets for your supplies.  They can be carried by their strap or they stack on top of Tutto Machine On Wheels or Tutto Serger On Wheels bags.
This is a Serger bag stacked on a Machine on Wheels Tutto bag
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You can see here some are wider than others.  The come in Medium, Large, XL and XXL for those new Bernina 830's.  To see all the measurements, sizes, and colors available click here.
These are so popular right now they are on back order most everywhere.  Everyone who has bought the new Bernina 830 that I know has bought one and some have had to wait a few months to get them (some colors are just that popular).

So, now you know what a Tutto Bag is!!!  Unfortunately I was not given one to give away on my blog...LOL.    But I was aloud to touch, photograph, and drool on them!!  All Tutto Bags are available at IHAN at a very nice savings.  If you don't see one listed and you want to order it, just e-mail me at and I'll get it for you.  Being a one person shop makes it tough to juggle all the sometimes I just let them fall and rely on the good ole e-mail system :)



  1. I guess I'm one of those people! I've seen the bags around, but never knew what they were called. :-o Thanks for the post~ its great to learn new things! :-)

  2. Kelly I have never seen a Tutto bag before. I did buy a small inexpensive rolling back at the JA store for my Featherweight sewing machine. Mine is really probably a knitting bag, because all the other ones were way too large. Your Tutto bags would be very nice if you take your machine to different places or travel a lot. With us just buying a new house, I think my traveling days will be a little limited ;-)

  3. I have a Tutto bag and love it for all the reasons you have in your post. I use the Serger Accessory bag to pack all my stuff in when I go to classes. It holds a lot and sits right on top of the sewing case.

    You're right, your prices ARE good!

  4. I love Tutto bags, but honestly didn't realize they made as many different models. And such beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing insights.


  5. I have never heard of them either, lol.
    I got bags for all of my sewing machine needs and an extra one that holds supplies, so I made out on that deal, at least.


  6. I am going to spoil myself with one of these one day soon. They look very useful and like you I know what a Tutto Bag is :)

  7. I know what a Tutto bag is! I purchased a combo set (the medium machine on wheels/serger bag) in purple two years ago and LOVE THEM! I put my machine in the rolling bag and just about everything else needed for a quilt class in the serger bag. I love the way the stack and you can hook them together to roll into the classroom. Lots of people notice my bags coming and ask about them so I keep the advertizement in the front pocket. I purchased them with interitance money when my Father passed away. Since I use them all the time, they are a nice remembrance of him.

  8. Oh my goodness, I have a Monster 1X machine! Who knew? I have never heard of Tutto till now.

  9. And here I thot it was for carrying my tuttos. Who knew?


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