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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Diamond Ruler Demo at Spring Quilt Market 2010

This is a photo of Kim Templin the designer of the Double Diamond Ruler and the CEO of IHAN .  Don't we look spanky in our Double Diamonds?  : )

I had some amends to make to Kim for a oversight during the IHAN Anniversary Celebration.  Kim was so kind to send me a Double Diamond Ruler and all three of her patterns to giveaway during the 32 Days of Giveaways.  Can you believe I missed giving them away?  When I saw them I was mortified beyond words.  Thankfully Kim was busy traveling during that time and did not have time to notice....phew!!  I e-mailed her and told her what happened and she said no worries.  Thank you Kim for your understanding.  still can't believe I did that. 

When I caught up with Kim at Quilt Market in Minneapolis she smiled when she saw my camera strap.  I was proud as punch that I used her Double Diamond Ruler (one I bought not the donated to make my camera strap. 

I thought I would share some photos of Kim demonstrating how to use the Double Diamond Ruler.
You need a background fabric, contrast fabric and a main fabric.
You fuse the contrast and the main fabric together.  I used Mistyfuse on my camera strap.  You can see she folded it in half and used the Double Diamond Ruler to cut the fabric (pictured on the left).
If you are a visual person and prefer a video , just click here and you can see Kim's video demonstration.
The Double Diamond Ruler comes with two rulers.  One is 1.5" and the other is 3.5".  It also includes a free pattern for making an eye glass case.  Kim has other free patterns on her website, Bright-Quilting-Notions dot com.  One very lucky IHAN blog reader will win the Double Diamond Ruler (autographed of course) and all three of Kim's patterns.

If you would like the opportunity to win all of these incredible gifts, please leave a comment on this post answering any one of the following :

Why would you like to win?
Share something cute a child has said or done lately
Share a great joke
Share a quilting tip
Or anything you find interesting recently
How is that for a change up?  The comments will close Thursday July 15th at the end of the day. 
Thank you Kim for giving me this great set to share with my blog readers!!



  1. I was playing with my nephew, tickling him, and went straight for his belly button. He yelled, "don't untie it! you'll let all the air out!" His thinking was that his belly button looks a lot like a tied balloon so it must be one! Too cute!
    thanks for another fab giveaway, Kelly!

  2. Great post. I have been in love with your camera strap and have seen some of these quilts, but had not clicked how easy this ruler would be to make these complicated designs. I'm very impressed. And I'd love to make some things with it (e.g. her wallhanging, your camera strap, placemats, etc).

    Hymm. Cute kids story. Have I told you about my friends' gson that is in kindergarten complained to his teacher about the poor quality food in the cafe. When the teacher did nothing, he complained to the head of the cafeteria. When they did nothing, he arranged to speak to the principal...all to complain about the food in the cafe. I'm amazed the little guy stayed focused and worked thru the chain of command...all because he wanted a particular brand of hot dog! LOL!


  3. What a neat idea! Some people are just so clever! I would love to win this giveaway so I could give it a try! Looks like great fun!

    Why did the turtle cross the road?

    To get to the Shell station!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist!


  4. Because I have some vegetable print fabrics and have never figured out what to do with them? ;-) I love that table runner!! And it looks very intriguing. Thanks for the chance!

  5. what an interesting ruler and the finished product is just beautiful. boy, I'd love to win this. Thanks for offering it as a giveaway.

  6. Thank you for this giveaway. My mother ties a bandana around her head to keep the sweat out of her eyes when working in the yard. Then my niece dropped off the little grandniece for us to babysit. The little one looked at my mother and said, very very seriously: "Grandma, are you a piiiiiiwrat?" It was hilarious. I would use the rulers to make a cool diamond border.

  7. I think this is interesting: we are leaving for the airport to pick up my 94 year old Mother-in-Law who is flying to Minneapolis from Phoenix by herself to visit us. I have a tough act to follow living up to her example. She is still amazing at embroidery too!

  8. HI! I would "sew" LOVE to win the patterns and the Double Diamond Ruler because:
    1. I never win ANYthing
    2. I am new to quilting, and am teaching myself. So far, I've got paper piecing and snowballs & 9-patches down. I would LOVE to learn this new technique and be able to make the beautiful items shown!! And this looks like I can learn it by myself!
    3. We have just purchased a home (coming off the road after 4 years of full-time RVing) and, soon, I will have a table and furniture and WALLS to decorate and I can't think of anything prettier than the projects I've been seeing on your blog!
    4. I have a big mouth and I can spread the word to a zillion more people about where I got the ruler and how easy it is to use!

  9. Oh...I love that ruler, I covet that ruler.

    My friend has two grandchildren, one is 3 and one 5...they were in a store and a lady asked how old the little two year old was, she said two but I will be eight in a few months. She then turned to the 5 year old and asked how old he was, he said 26.

    I thought that was soooo funny.

  10. I would like to win this because I'd like to try this double diamond pattern. Cute things from children.... My grandson, 2 years old, is very cute but a lot of energy and attention are required. He is facinated with machines, especially motorcycles, snowmobiles and four-wheelers. The other day while we were at camp, someone arrived on a four-wheeler. As the person was being greeted and less than a minute later, VROOM, VROOM, the four-wheeler started up. My two year old grandson had climbed on and pushed the start button in seconds. Fortunately it was in neutral, and wouldn't have started if it was in gear. All the adults jumped to attention very quickly I can tell you!

  11. Here's a joke (I don't know if I'd call it a great joke! LOL!)

    Sunday after church, a Mom asked her very young daughter what the lesson was about.
    The daughter answered,
    'Don't be scared, you'll get your quilt.'
    Needless to say, the Mom was perplexed.
    Later in the day, the pastor stopped by for tea and the Mom asked him what that morning's Sunday school lesson was about.
    He said,
    'Be not afraid, thy comforter is coming.'

  12. I was helping my 4 year old grand daughter with writing the names of her colors. We were practicing the letter "P" as in pink. So after gently suggesting that she re-do the word pink for the second time, she looked at me with this weary face and said GiGi, I only had 2 P's in me and I used them both in purple. (smile). Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Double Diamond Ruler giveaway. Robin

  13. Quilting tip -- if you want to get your project finished, don't get hooked on reading blogs! Ask me how I know.
    Thanks for the chance, Kelly!

  14. I would love to win this ruler! I saw someone wearing a vest that had the double diamonds on it and have been dying to know how to make them. Now I know how she did it!

  15. Why would I like to win? I would love to win as ever since I saw a photo of your camerastrap I have been wanting to try and make one of my own! NOW I know how you did it! :-) Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  16. I wish that I could win a cruise vacation! However, I love winning anything quilt related too!

  17. The ruler is truly amazing!

    Just recently i used a regular microfiber cleaning cloth with water to remove the gunk on my rulers and hoops, without chemicals!

  18. Winning anything is fun! This would really give me a much needed new direction.

    Looks like fun to play with for sure.

  19. I would love to win the Double Diamond Ruler. I am always looking for new techniques to learn and this is one that I have never seen. It would also be a great demonstration for my small quilt group.

  20. The ruler and the samples look very intriguing! I am in a circle quilt rut - and need some diamond ruler love to square me up again. How 'bout that?
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I am intrigued and would love to give this technique a try. My funny quote lately is my 3 year old son, who replied the other day when I asked if he was changing to staying in pajamas all day "I think I will get dressed in just about four weeks." Gotta love the stuff that comes out of three year old mouths!

  22. Would love to win the ruler and pattern as it reminds me of a paper craft I did many years ago. The finished strips are just beautiful.

  23. I looked and looked at the sample - and your camera strap - trying to figure out how to piece this. Finally I looked at the demo video. I would never have figured it out.

    I would love to win this ruler to use to embellish lap quilts and journal covers that I sell at local craft shows.

  24. Another great ruler giveaway! I love making miniature quilts and this design with it's smaller ruler, looks like it would make a great miniature. Would love to win it!

  25. Okay, I'm all out of and I don't have any zany stories, so I will just have to say that apart from the diamond ruler, this diamond cutter is the single most interesting tool I've seen in some time! Wow! I wondered how you had made that wonderful camera strap. This ruler would come in very handy for this month's Christmas challenge! What a wonderful design and you know I do love unusual designs. Just imagine a quilt with diamond cut sashing...OMGoodness, I must have it. After seeing this demo, if I don't win it and can't afford it, I will be trying my best to duplicate it with my ruler and markings on the fabric! ugly...the ruler and patterns would be ever so much easier!!! So, it's mine, right? lol...just messing!!! Seriously, the tool would be a new and beautiful addition to a quilted item!!!

  26. That ruler looks amazing! I would love to try it out.

    I work with kids, you would think I would have a million cute things to share, and I DO. I just can't remember anything right now.

    The same with jokes, I hear great jokes and can NEVER remember them to share!!

    thanks for the give away!

  27. Thanks for another great give-away - I would love to make a camera strap like yours.

  28. Hi and greetings from Albany in Western Australia. I love Maths and to me this ruler makes a very mathematical quilt. I am fascinated how you can get the effects you can. I would love to win this ruler and have a go. Thanks Kim for being kind enough to let someone have a go, and thanks Kelly for all your hard work and generosity. Sam (Sandra)

  29. I just couldnt believe my eyes when I saw this ruler and the video..Amazing and I love the results. I would love to win this ruler because I would love to make some of those fantastic designs. Just awesome!!
    I have a little joke for you...
    I passed the cemetery yesterday,
    on my way to work,
    and I noticed pall-bearers walking around with a coffin.
    I passed by again some hours later,
    and they were still walking around with it.
    I thought to myself:
    "This lot have lost the plot!"
    Hugs Vicki

  30. I was on the phone with my 4 year old grandson. He asked what I was doing. I told him I was reading. He then asked..."Are you reading the Bible." "No" was my reply. He persisted as if I did not understand his question. "Maka", that is what he endearing title is for me, "Are you reading the B-I-B-L-E?" Again I had to reply, "No, I'm just reading a book." He is learning to spell and read and I was elated that he knew I might be reading my B-I-B-L-E, even though I wasn't at that time. I'd love to receive this ruler. You know how much I like your camera strap. Since I just bought a new camera and a case, which I made sure has hooks for that strap, I have to have it!

  31. I don't have a joke to tell and the only funny thing a kid said that I can think of was my friend's daughter was writing a shopping list at about age 5 and wrote "penis butter" on the paper thinking that's how peanut butter was spelled. Maybe not so funny now as it was 20 years ago. But maybe I should win these rulers cause today is my b'day and my BFF didn't remember. Sitting on the pity pot :)

  32. Now how clever is that? Exceptional. It reminds me of celtic work, but what an easy way to make such a nice project.
    Happy Quilting!

  33. I would love to win this ruler because I immediately started thinking of quilts I'm working on and how this would add a great WOW factor to borders/sashings.

    My kids are grown now, but when they were little, I was fixing one daughter's hair and she wouldn't stand still. I said, "You have ants in your pants today!" My other daughter looked petrified (she hated bugs) and said, "Mom! Don't let them out!" It still makes me laugh when I think about this!

  34. I am not good at jokes so I'll just say I would love to try this with some fabric I have that would work great! Teri Dingler

  35. I would love to win because this looks like such a fun fast technique to do and I would love to learn it. Take care and God bless, Cory

  36. My mission this year is to learn/try as many new (to me) and interesting techniques as possible. I got into a huge rut last year, and decided this would be a good way to break out of it, and stay out!! This Double Diamond Tech/Ruler looks awesome! My interest is deffinitally piqued!! Gonna have to try/learn this one for sure - I'm thinking that this would really jazz up some quilt borders. :)
    I have 5 young nephews, and 1 niece. One 8 yr old nephew saw my 13 yr old nephew step out of the shower recently, and proceeded to yell at the 13 yr old "OOOOO You're in trouble!!!!", and then RAN to tell his momma (loudly)...
    "MOOOOMMMM!!! Jacob wrote ALL OVER himself with a pen - you know - DOWN THERE!!""".....
    Yup - the 13 yr old had hit puberty. We'll leave it at that. Whole family got a good laugh out of it - that is, everyone except the 13 yr old....

  37. My neighbor called the garden center wanting to purchase frogs for her new pond. They told her you don't buy them; they just show up. So she asked, "Is it the same with fish?"

    Can't wait to try this fun new ruler!

  38. I would love to have the new rulers. I love making new stuff.

  39. What a clever little ruler. This would be great for creating very interesting borders on lap quilts.

    Quilting tip of the day: Always buy fabric no matter how much you
    already have!

  40. I'd love to win this because I love new tools and especially those that are timesavers, seeing as I have two jobs! Thanks for the chance for the ruler.

  41. Very neat!

    Love the idea of sharing cute things kids say! I have a 5 year old, 3 year old, and a little 4 week old. A few days ago my 5 year old, with a french fry hanging out of her mouth said, "Look Mommy! I'm one of those people with a stick in their mouth with exhaust coming out of it!" (just to clarify...a cigarette!) LOL

    Neat product!

  42. Where does virgin wool come from? Ugly Sheep.

    Thanks for the give away!


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