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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Momma Moment, Stitcher Gift and Me & My Stitches

Just a quick post....I'm working on other posts...I just wanted to share a snippet of my "real" life.  Last night at 10:30 oldest co worker (who went to bed at 9:00pm) came down into the kitchen begging for food.  Of course my first thought was the same as it always is....this kid does not know the difference between exhaustion and hunger...he has them confused.  So, I tell him to get himself a quick snack and get back in bed.  I was working on the computer in the kitchen, not my office so I could hear him banging around in there.  I walk over and what do I see?  This.....

You know I had to grab my camera.....I had that little glowing Momma heart of those precious moments when a kid is being a kid and you just enjoy the moment.  I love those moments and store them up in my heart....I guess that is why I have such a big one....or so I've been told.
Last night was my Needle Arts Guild Meeting, The Toledo Needle Arts Guild.  There is something called a "Secret Stitcher" and you can sign up to be a Secret Stitcher if you like.  This was my first time of signing up....

I missed last months meeting so look what was left for me.....a lovely heart shaped candy dish full of those yummy heart candies a fun card AND a St. Patrick's Day Card too.   I can't even begin to tell you how it lifts my spirits to bring home a little gift to open....typically I am alone....and I just smile. If your guilds or groups don't have one of these might just want to start one.

Last....but Holey Sch-A-Mokin" not Least....check out these Miniature Teeny Tiny Quilts....they are so small you can wear them as a necklace, a pin or earrings.  I saw these for the first time today and flipped.
I saw these over at Me & My Stitches and could not believe my eyes.  So many of us talk about how hard it is to make a wall hanging or quilt....ok....this is like the Olympics in my book!!!

Gene Black asked me to tell folks how I find things when I found my son in the kitchen, my Secret Stitchers gift on a table at the Maumee Seniors Center...(LOL) and I happened to find Me & My Stitches because Julie Letvin who makes these amazing little Quilts left a comment on a post asking about scissors.  When I replied to her comment I clicked on her took me to her profile....then I clicked on website.  Good thing was it was just as Mr. McSteamy was coming home for lunch and I was able to show him....and remind him my birthday is coming up....and hey...I'm thinking my camera strap...the one I wear to Market....needs to have one of these pins...don't you agree?

So there you have it....I hope where ever you is either beautiful....or if you are in OH like find beauty in the soft gray skies.



  1. Hey Kelly, will he grow up faster if he needs to eat during the night? They grow so fast! Those little quilts are adorable, I think you need about three of them!
    I'm enjoying 88 degrees in AZ!

  2. I remember those "quick snacks" from when my boys were little (and not so little). You may want to consider branching out and doing food reviews so companies will start sending you free samples...those boys are going to eat you out of house and home! LOL

  3. Kelly,
    Enjoy all those "Mommy" moments, they disappear so very quickly. I love getting small gifts like that, we have secret sisters at our church and I joined in, what fun. I love the pendents/pins that you have pictured, they are amazing. Headed over to the website when I get done here.

    Thank you,

  4. And one for your key chain,...and two for goofy earrings to wear to quilting events.. just for fun.. and then who knows.. LOL

  5. No Kelly, your camera strap doesn't need needs two!!!

  6. I just loved how you described it, storing it up in your heart....I have so much stored up in this tiny heart of mine that the memories of my sons is sooooo sweet and keep storing my will catalog them and come back to them some day.

  7. I would say your son has a high energy level and I bet he can eat to his hearts content without gaining a pound;)


  8. Hunger beats exhaustion....any growing kid can tell you that! Love those moments and capture them in your heart...and your camera too! Thanks for sharing.

  9. My boys would eat in their sleep if they could - it does get worse as they get older, lol! Oh he is a cutie. How nice that you got a gift, Kelly. Are those earrings and pins really made with FABRIC? I'm in awe. I hope you get something nice for your birthday!

  10. I love this post for so many reasons... co-worker is just cute as a button! Love the PB waffle thing...LOL...

    Sometimes something so simple to others can just mean the world to us at times... like your guild surprises... it's nice to be thought of.


  11. I am just grinning at several things in this post.

  12. Boys are born with hollow legs. I predict a much bigger grocery bill for you as they grow up. I find it quite wonderful that you recognize in the moment that it is a moment. You'll need to pull out those feelings later to remember when they're not being so precious!

    Just one?!

  13. I laughed, too, that your son saw that as a quick snack. It would have taken me awhile to eat that....would be nothing quick about it. LOL Very cute.....

  14. He's such a cutie! Reminds me of when my two boys were that age and always raiding the fridge! Giggle! Good times, and good memories.
    I'm heading over to see those tiny lovelies!
    Jacque in SC

  15. Your coworker is too cute! You should have showed a picture of him AFTER he took that

  16. Oh, I'm laughing. Your boys are reaching that age where you need to serious consider buying another refrigerator for each of them. Hormones are kicking in and they are going to become food consumers to the max. Consider yourself warned. Buy more refrigerator space ASAP! The bottomless pit time of boys becoming young men is knocking on your doorstep!


  17. Your co-worker is about to have a growth spurt. At least it's worked that way with our DD and our g'kids. lol Definitely enjoy every moment, and be thankful that you don't have girls. Girls eat too, if they're involved in sports, AND they have boyfriends who come to your house and clean out your cupboards and fridge!

    I love the little quilts, and you might also need a charm bracelet to go with those earrings.

    Hmmmm....I'm not as enthusiastic about those 88 degree temps here in AZ because I know what comes next. lol I'd take your beautiful rain clouds any day!

  18. It won't be long and he'll be getting up from the dinner table, taking out the trash (if you're really lucky, he'll do it without being told/asked!), and come back in, wanting to know "what's to eat?!" Yup, I had a brother & a son - they eat ALL the time, and seem only to grow UP (and not necessarily up, if you know what I mean!)

    Those itty bitties are sooooooo cute! They are EXACTLY what I was looking to do for a challenge! I wanted to make a 3D clothesline with itty bitty quilts on it, and they would be PERFECT! Except, of course, that 1) I didn't make 'em, and 2) they don't come cheap & I wanted about 4!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  19. Loved the "real" life moments, your son is too adorable with his small snack. LOL Love those tiny quilts, just adorable. thanks for sharing.

  20. a quick little snack? Good grief! That kiddo was sss.tarving!!!

  21. At least he fixed something with carbs and protein...balancing act too, I see. Great moment.

    yes, I agree.....better start stocking up on food and looking at another frig and maybe a used freezer??

  22. A great kid who is as creative as his mom! Life is indeed full of so many beautiful discoveries--including the gray skies.

  23. What in the world is that? lol
    Hugs Khris

  24. Wow, those teeny tiny quilts are amazing.


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