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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh The Joys of Ignorance :)

(random beautiful photo I've taken)

I've heard Ignorance is Bliss....I beg to differ with them. I find it frustrating!!! So what to do? Make lemonade first. Boil some water....pace the floor....pace some more....then just let go and remember...we are not in charge anyway. Control is an I'm not going there. I'll take a chill pill....sit back....and breathe.

While I'm doing my Zen thing...just know there is stuff going on in the background to get me back up and running in a pleasant non-frustrating fashion.  Meantime...I'm taking my girlfriend back to the airport after a wonderful weeks visit.

Ommmmm  ....Ommmmmm....Ommmmmm

Scents of Incense burning.....deep breaths.....



  1. Life is good as one bloggers says....and so go make that lemonade, put the tub on full blast and take a bubble bath...that is what I say.

  2. I am trying to be zen, but the house is a mess and I need to cook if I want to eat, so that won't work, lol.


  3. Innocence and ignorance... wish I had both... LOL

    Count the blessings instead of the burdens and you're on the right track...

  4. Sending you a cyber-hug Kelly, I think you need it!

  5. Is this a puppy induced state of confusion? Or just the usual wackiness?

    Oouhmmmmmm ouhummmmmmm......

  6. Did I miss something? Glad you are working to find your Zen. Very important to have a calm state that you can control, even if it is in your mind.



  7. I get it!! Last night I had a dream where the entire guild went to Aruba two days before the show! How un-Zen is that?? I think I need to chill...hope you can find some peace with what-ever is driving ya bonkers!

  8. I have been gone from Toledo since 1995 and I miss Tony Packos. Thanks for bringing back memories.

  9. I hope you find your peaceful spot. I could use one right now. While I was sick I got a bug to clean my sewing room, needless to say I was to sick so my stuff has spilled over in to other areas of the house. Now I feel better, I wonder what was I thinking. Deep breathing only contributes to hyperventillating.


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