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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Rich!!!

Thank you to everyone who continues to wish me a Happy Birthday!  It has been another wonderful day...I got breakfast in bed this morning :)   Aaron and Zach made special cards and brought them to me in bed.  Believe it or not, I actually got a check for a million dollars.  Yes sir'e Bob....Aaron told his Dad he wanted a check give to his Mommy for her birthday.  When Rick asked what amount to write it for...Aaron said, "One Million Dollars!"  So I'm one very rich woman today!!!

Time to reduce prices even more for the last two days of "Kelly's Birthday Sale" at IHAN.  The sale ends tomorrow so if you want to check out the better go fast.

I've changed my blogger comments to block anonymous commenter's.  If you don't see your comment published you can e-mail me and I'll check on it for you.  I changed it again after one brave soul decided to write, "You are full of yourself, aren't you?"  Ya gotta love those folks.  I immediately thought to myself, "who in the HE double hockey sticks else would I be full of?  If  I were not filled with myself I'd either be possessed or psychotic."  Clearly the person doesn't know me if they were intended to say I'm arrogant or self centered.  I hope this person has stopped reading my blog and finds more of themselves soon...right after their cranial anal inversion :)



  1. OMG That is too funny. Why do people act this way? Of course, the journey is still out on psychotic. LOL

  2. I hope the cranial anal inversion goes smoothly for the full of him/herself person! BTW............HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!

  3. If that was me, I was just kidding....not serious...but who would take the time to read your post (which they would have enjoyed) and then...make such a rude comment....oh well...

    Glad you are rich, can I be your friend?

  4. Awww. your son has a big heart and lots love for his mom... That is so sweet. Ok, I checked it, and you now only one year younger than I am now, but later this year it will be two! Enjoy your youth and birthday weekend!


  5. What you're full of is WONDERFUL PRODUCTS and WONDERFUL PRICES !!!

    ..and of course those wonderful men in your life....


  6. Happy Birthday. This is a begging letter, can I have a share of your million dollars please, we want to buy a caravan and tour around France before we are too old!! No, oh well it was worth a try. Sorry you are getting those sort of comments, but being anonymous says it all. Hugs Linda

  7. Awww Kelly, I'm so sorry you received such a comment at all...let alone on your birthday! Some people have a lot of nerve! Hopefully it can be erased from your memory as quickly as it was from your comment section! Hugs to you my friend!

  8. I love the birthday "doings"! I suspect that you were a rich woman before you got the check. The definition of rich is thankfully not always measured in money.

    As for the comment. I'm thinking that person might have been late for their lobotomy appointment...or desperately needs a personality transplant! lol I can't decide who I should be "full of" today, but I'm thinking perhaps someone having a great time visiting Europe.

  9. Happy Birthday Kelly! It sounds like your celebration has gone over a couple of kind of person.

  10. Way to go! I for one love your blog and your style. Have a wonderful day!

  11. Well, I don't know if it will block me or not, but I say "phooey on him (or her) and enjoy your day! Thanks for having a birthday sale!! Can't wait to try out my new thread!
    Jacque in SC

  12. I got a fake winning lottery ticket from my son, once.
    What a meanie, lol.


  13. This made me laugh out loud! What is wrong with some people? I find it hysterical that those snide and snarky commenters are always anonymous.

  14. You are indeed rich. You have two adorable children that love you. (Not to mention Mr. McSteamy!)

    I don't think that was a "brave soul." A brave person would have put their name to the comment. Anonymous is simply another name for "coward."

    Yes, you are "full of yourself" - and that self is full of love, joy and generosity. I am lucky and happy to know you!

  15. Wow - a million dollars - good for you, lol! How sweet is that! Too funny about the commenter Kelly, that's the funniest post I ever read about a mean commenter!!!!!!!

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

  16. Yes, block the autonomous comments and don't let THEM ruin your birthday Kelly!

  17. I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We have been traveling, and have just returned home, so I am late, I'm late, for a very important date. Hope your birthday was the BEST!! Because you, dear lady, ARE the best!

  18. What time should I pick you up for our shopping spree? what a darling son!

    As for the comment, a life spent looking for things to criticize about someone else seems like a very sad life to me. That is what blogging is all about, giving a bit of yourself to your posts. No one is forced to read anyone's blog. Your blog is entertaining and gives us a glimpse of your full and busy life!

  19. I forgot our birthdays are so close...mine was Thursday:) Glad you had a great day! Stop over to my blog for a give-a-way:) Hugs to you Kelly!

  20. You crack me up! Back in the "old" days, when I was working, they used to say I could tell someone to go to (that double-hockey-sticks place) and have them thank me for directions, but I've NEVER seen or heard some of the expressions you come up with! Cranial-anal inversion indeed!

    Soooo, what are you gonna do with all your million buckaroos? What a dear son you've raised (and who could be surprised at that!)!!

    Now, off I go to see what else I've just GOT to have from IHAN!!

  21. OMG! You made me laugh so hard! I have to clean off the coffee from my laptop screen!! Cranial anal inversion!!!!! Hope it was successful for this person!! If not, well, there are plenty of people like them out there that can help!

    BTW, Happy Birthday and when can we go shopping?

  22. Happy Birthday Kelly, I don't think you are full of yourself but full of life and fun. I love your blog and the person who doesn't must have a very dull sad life. Keep on blogging !! Sandra

  23. Well my dear, it takes all kinds to make the world go around! Happy Birthday it is nice to be teated like a Queen on your special day.

  24. Quite frankly, I'm glad you are full of yourself, coz' we love you that way!! Hope you got lots of birthday hugs!!


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