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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Co-Workers

I'd like to introduce you to our newest family members....

Miss Molly

Tough Guy Jake

and just like other siblings....they love to tussle with one another. assured I did not cage my children.....they climbed into the crate with Molly and Jake and began snapping photos of their own.  I only wish I had thought of this sooner....little boys with puppies in a this could potentially mean some "free time".....LOL.

The kids first mess....I wish you all could have seen Mr. McSteamy's face when Molly knocked over this plant.  Way to good for words. 

On Saturday, Mr. McSteamy was determined we were going to have a dog....and that was the way it was going to be!!!  So, we all loaded in the van and he began to drive....and drive....and drive.  Once we visited the family who had 8 was all over...the deal was sealed.  We were having a puppy.  Then, I said...."how are you going to separate this little girl from her siblings?"  Well, along came Jake to keep Molly company and now each of the IHAN co-workers....have a co-worker too :)

Since it was Mr. McSteamy's determination that brought the puppies to our home....I suggested he might consider puppy-proofing the kitchen.  Then the plant went over....I tried so hard not to giggle.

Initially their names were Bonnie and Clyde....but after spending a few days with their sweet little furry little faces....Molly and Jake seemed to fit a little better.  If you'll allow me a little brag.....they already go to the door when they have to go potty.  Can you believe it?  Now, I'm not saying they don't have little accidents.....I'm just saying they know to go to the door to go outside. 



  1. They are waaaayyyy too cute!! Love the pic of the boys in the cage!!! And the pic of the plant is priceless!! You all are going to have so much fun at your house with the boys and the puppies!!

  2. HOw adorable - each of them.
    Molly and Jake are TOO cute.

    It'll fun to watch them grow on your blog.

    Hey - "IF" only I could have caged my "animals" when they were younger.....and I'm not talking puppies...>ROFLOL

  3. They are terribly cute, Kelly! And how appropriate that you post about them today - it's National Puppy Day! Enjoy them! :)

  4. They are very cute. Are they labs? I am not good at identifying breeds of puppies. I hope the co-workers are up to the task of caring for their new co-workers so the job doesn't fall to you! :(

  5. Has DHS knocked on your door yet? LOL. Cute, cute puppies, and the kids aren't bad either!

  6. Oh Kelly What fun!! Enjoy the puppy cuteness while it lasts :) :)

  7. Oh my oh my oh my!!! They are so cute! And the puppies are, too! (PS: I'm likin' the crate idea.....)

  8. Too cute for words! I love those golden faces! As one who has brought home 2 litter mates two times (I didn't learn the first time!), they can be very bonded to each other and not really see you as the pack leader without some good instruction. This is not a huge issue until you want them to walk sweetly on a leash and NOT tear off to chase the deer :-)
    We had two brothers that I loved dearly but had to actually separate their crates and socializing for a week or two just so they could learn their own name. Jeff and Kirby :-) They were the joy of my life all the wonderful years they were with us. I wouldn't have the sense not to do it all over again. Have a wonderful time with these babies. They are so smart and are pure love.

  9. For some reason the kids always like playing in the dog's cage! It's always so cute...I caught my little guy playing with his trains with the dog in the cage

  10. Oh wow double trouble! I am jealous I so love puppies and mine are now 18 (yes 18 in three weeks) and 10 and I think these two may be our last. Enjoy them they will bring you so much pleasure. Hugs Linda

  11. Oh, too cute. As someone who has been living with two puppies at the same time I have to say you may be crazier than I originally believed :) Have fun with them, you're in for a lot of fun and laughter.

  12. Awww, all that cuteness and they know how to get outside, too? You must be an awesome trainer! LOL Don'tcha wish sometimes we could have that much success with our lil co-workers? :)
    Enjoy the puppy fun, and keep the pictures coming! (Don't feel like you have to answer mine, I just wanted to comment on all that tail-wagging cuteness!
    Jacque in SC

  13. The cage..... bwahahahahahahhaha...that's funny. Your co-workers are cute. Buy stock in tennis balls.

  14. Love them! I know someone else that got a brother and sister and it was the best decision they made.

  15. How wonderful Kelly - they are adorable! And the puppies are cute too, lol - I love how they all got in the crate together!

  16. So is that why Terra (our Goldendoodle) was VERY interested in the box that arrived from you yesterday? What cute puppies! And crate training is definitely the way to go.


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