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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What does the Mayor of Toledo have to do with Hot Dogs and Quilting?

Repost with Photos....Hopefully!!!

IHAN of course!  Oh what a weekend we had....come along...I'll show you......

Pam, my friend since my first college class, is here visiting for a week. She is a world traveler and when she travels with her husband they really, really, really....see it all...every play, major league game, exhibit...etc. etc. etc. How do you entertain a gal like this? You take her to the International Festival at Erie Street Market.
Look at these beautiful ladies and their dresses. Tell me you would not love to wear one of these dresses? (Ok guys....use your imagination....suits for the fellas). They danced with confidence and pride. Very impressive young ladies indeed. I was thinking, "Quilt Pattern" while looking at their dresses.

There in the center is the  Mayor of Toledo, Mayor Bell and he  was having a great time too.  What a great opportunity for everyone to come together and share some good fun.

Then off for a Hungarian Hot Dog....where else but Tony Packo's?

Aaron and Pam

Who could forget MASH?  Klinger in his dresses, Hot Lips Houlihan and Hawkeye?   The good ole' days of TV (now I really sound old don't I?)  Klinger was always talking about Tony Packo' of course we had to go and visit.

I chased a waitress with a tray because I had never seen this before....a chili sundae? I'm not thinking this will do much for PMS, but certainly would be good for the guys with a beer after a baseball game

Some Famous Buns were here in Toledo
The names are hard to read so from top left to bottom right :

Jamie Farr, Danny Thomas, Jerry Lewis, Jim Nabors, President Obama and Vice President Biden, Soupy Sales, and Robert Kennedy Jr. There were too many to take pix of all of them.

I just wondered who had the job of carrying the briefcase with "the signature bun" up to the famous person and asking for an autograph. The manager said most everyone has come into Tony Packo's and signed their bun there....but Barack Obama and Joe Biden were running for office when they autographed their "buns" at their campaign headquarters.
Doesn't that sound like a job for me? Keeping a straight face while asking for my buns to be autographed....yes I'd enjoy that....the job title: Bun Ambassador of Toledo.

These were hanging in the gift shop.....I loved them both and could not decide.....just too funny

Now on to the quilting part of the weekend.....

Pam, Waldo and I joined some friends at The Quilt Foundry in Maumee for an open sew.  I brought my Punctuation Quilt Kit to work on.  Of couse I left the pattern at about frustrated.  Then I decided to just "fly by the seat of my pants" and keep going...

I cut strips and sewed the alphabet blocks to the strips and pressed them open....
Pam asked how I managed to iron things without burning my I introduced her to a Sixth Finger Stiletto.     Ever use one?  I love them because they hold things nicely in place when stitching and ironing and takes the risk of injury out of the equation.

Now comes confession time....and before I even get started....I must blame Lisa Spalding, owner of the Quilt Foundry, Maumee, OH.  Yes....the purchase of this fabric below is all her fault. 

Fabric with cards usually looks like poker or some casino type thing....but check out this on GGE was I supposed to resist?  I could not....especially since when we get together with family we always play cards.  I can see a wonderful tablecloth and possibly some coasters made from this fabric....and is Lisa's fault.  That is my story and I'm sticking to it.
The Puppy Chronicles

Jake and Molly after a long play....and then ....

 my little "puppy" laid down to rest too.

  Waldo came over for a visit .....and she did not see the puppy barrier in the kitchen doorway....

Waldo now looks like she has been "Batiked".....OUCHIE. The good news is she has been checked out and is doing fine. I think she was sneaking over to snatch some of my stash.....and got her comeuppance!! Don't you try'll get your comeuppance too!!

Hope you had a great weekend and all is well with you and yours.


  1. Looks like a fun time to me. I bet Kim had a blast too.


  2. lol It all sounds wonderful, and am anxious to see the photos...tomorrow. I'm not sure what you'd smash, but it sounds awful, so I'm good with tomorrow! lol

  3. Photos or no photos, I want me some tony packos! You know that's my most favoritest place in the world, right? Take your tim-tam craving and sub it for stuffed cabbage rolls and yoiu have mine. Yessiree!

  4. Kelly, none of your pictures showed up for me.

    Glad you have a friend visiting...she sounds fun.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time...I'll check back tomorrow and see the pix!

  6. none of the pictures are showing for me.

  7. boo-hoo, the pictures are not there :-(

  8. I couldn't get the pictures to load either. I used to live just 30 miles from Toledo (before I moved to TN). Love me some Tony Packos. Did you know you can buy that chili in some stores?

  9. I couldn't even get your pictures to come up in a new window - but my imagination went absolutely riot, lol! Don't smash anything unless you have a blogger admin standing right in front of you. Then you can fire away!

  10. YAY!! The pictures worked! Looks like ya'll (pardon me, my southern slipped through) had a wonderful time!! The food at that place looks awesome, and I'm not even hungry right now. Yum! Love the puppy pictures, and ouch! Hope she doesn't try to get your stash anymore! :)
    Jacque in SC


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