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Friday, March 18, 2011

THANK YOU for all the Birthday Wishes :)

I've gotten so many Birthday E-mails and phone calls....Thank You to everyone who has called, sent cards and e-mails!!!  What a pleasure to be celebrated. 

I was at my Mothers house last weekend and I saw this and cracked up.  Yes, I've always liked to work with my hands.  Remember when padded picture frames were all the rage?  You know I had to make one...actually several.  I gave this one to my Mother back in 1982.  A photo of me in kindergarten and of course the ole graduation photo from high school.  Can you believe I thought I was ugly?  I'd take back that smooth perfect skin back in a heartbeat....and the natural red hair without the grey...oh yeah baby.  "Ya just don't know what you got till its gone"...well...not gone...just different right?

I slept in this morning and have refused to answer the phone.  Ahhhh.....the joys of being 47....doing just what you want to do....felt soooo good.  I had coffee, sat on the sofa and even watched some mindless TV....just doing what ever came to mind.  Then I saw the mail man drive by....look what came today:
These spanky little pins....look how small and perfect they are....I'm in love.  They came from Me & My Stitches....the place I told ya about the other day.

Then, I'm sitting on the sofa again....and what do I see pull up in front of the house?  I grabbed my  camera and headed my pajamas no less...
Who says Sun can't be delivered?  It was a delivery for the neighbors....but just seeing the truck was enough for me to get the biggest kick....the pleasure of the simple things in life.

I showered....and decided I should paint my toe nails " screaming A double S Red" just because....check em out...
I think the best part is the fact that without my glasses on, I can no longer see when I've painted the skin and not the nail.  The freedom age brings.  Think I went back and cleaned it off?  You're absolutely right....I did not.  I'm walking around smiling because I have a pair of sandals on and I have "screaming A double S Red" toe nails.  The freedoms of aging....ya just can't beat it.
Oh....I made this bowl for Raegan, our neighbor who turned 16 on the 15th of March.  I thought she would like it and she did.  Just wanted to share that during my "quiet" times...I still love to be stitching :)
This also came today and I just had to share it.  It is the Habitat Quilt Kit by Brewer.  Isn't it pretty?  I liked it and you know what else I liked about it?  It comes in one of those reusable zippered heavy plastic envelope bags.  I should have taken a pix of it too.  I really like packaging that can be reused...excellent idea Brewer!!!

I saved the absolute best news for last...

My sister Taylor had a baby girl, Lola Tolise, yesterday at 4:30 in Columbia, South Carolina.  Lola has red hair....and was born on St. Patrick's Day....I'm so happy for Taylor and Robert and of course thrilled to be an Aunt again.  As soon as I have a photo to post....I'll be posting...or should I say Plastering the photos all over the place.

Grateful Smiles,

PS...Don't forget to check out the Birthday Sales at IHAN!!!  They end on Sunday March 20, 2010 so get your behind over there and find great bargain either for yourself or perhaps for a friends birthday :)


  1. Sounds like a perfect day and it sounds very similar to my plan for tomorrow...National Quilting Day. I figure since I have to work on most national holidays because my family owns a restaurant I would NOT work on a day when most people aren't celebrating. Now, those are my plans. Let's see if they come to fruition. Tomorrow = a jammie day in my sewing room!!!! Oh and Passion Fruit toes!!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Kelly! Limited internet access here at my MIL's! And congratulations on being Auntie again!

  3. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Kelly! Congratulations on your new niece too...what a wonderful early birthday gift!

  4. You have had quite a day so far!! lol I love the red toenails, and who cares if you missed and got the toe a little painted? Just tell them that you're experimenting with "mixed media". lol All of the goodies are really cute, especially the tiny pins.

  5. A very Happy Birthday to you!
    Nothing like goofing off and doing what you want on your special day. Love that bowl, beautiful fabrics.


  6. What a wonderful post. Sounds like you are off to a great start for a delightful birthday. Congratulations to your sister for her new bundle of joy, and what perfect timing too!

    Your happy red toes definitely look ready for summer, but take time to enjoy spring first!

    Happy Birthday.


  7. Who says coloring outside the lines can't apply to nail polish? Happy Birthday again, Kelly.

  8. Ok, first off Happy birthday! So this makes us the same age for a while, eh?

    Love 1980s hair... Aren't you glad that stuff isn't back in style? Hahahahaaha...

    Go out and make it a great day. Pass on my congrats to your sister for her baby girl.

    Sending birthday hugs and love...

  9. I so loved your post and glad that you slept in and had a leisurely day. Now I want to paint my toes red.....I do hope you had a happy happy Birthday and that it will only get better this evening.

  10. Oh Kelly you just crack me up - yes the freedom age brings, LOVE your red toes! Happy, happy birthday dear one! I like the Sun delivery....wish they'd come here... your pins are so gorgeous, I'm going to have to go browse!

    Congratulations on the new addition - oh won't she have a blessed life, being born on St. Paddy's own day~! Can't wait to see little Lola!

  11. Happy birthday! Your day sounded lovely.

  12. Happy happy birthday! Glad you got to relax a bit.

  13. A niece for a birthday present!! That totally rocks!

  14. Happy Birthday!
    Once a beautiful girl, always a beautiful girl.

    Hey, you may not be able to see your toes so good, but at least you can *reach* them! hee-hee

  15. You ALWAYS brighten my day!! Thank you!! Happy Early Birthday, LOVE the toes, glad it's warm enough to have them out!! Congrats on the new bundle of joy, keeping everyone in thoughts and prayers...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet friend!!

  16. Ohhh, sounds like a perfect day!!! And such lovely RED toes! And you were, and still are, my friend, a KNOCKOUT! Glad you got to do everything you wanted, got a few sweets and a laugh, too, on your special day! And what a gorgeous bowl, and you talk about ME giving stuff away - THAT bowl should retail for $200, but it's a gift, and we know what we get for gifts: personal satisfaction & a hug or 3. Simply GORgeous! :P


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