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Monday, March 14, 2011


We can not control Mother Nature and I am willing to live with the beauty and the terror she provides.  I am finding it very difficult to speak about a Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown...Horror....and our own causing as humans.  Those who have visited Chernobyl have said that if you saw it, you would understand there is no way they would ever consider Nuclear Power as an option.  I am not well versed on the subject of Nuclear Power and I don't intend this to be a discussion about the subject. 

What has been made by humans who have the audacity to believe that just because something has not happened in 300 years is not "likely" to happen....ignorance at its best.  Every one of us are responsible for needing "more energy"...."more...more and more of everything".  May we all join together to use less and honor, love and respect more of what we already have.

Respect for one another, caution and care for our environment and world....that is my meditation and what ever form of prayer, thoughts, meditation....what ever way you cope...I do hope you are doing just that and all of your families and loved ones are well and safe.  For those who are not safe and well, my thoughts are with you.

It may be a few hours or days before I will post again.  Know we are are well and safe here.



  1. I pray and pray some more. It's devastating what is happening in Japan and I feel helpless except to pray.

  2. Hear, hear. I'm with you. At the risk of sounding like... well, like my mother... let's all try to live a little more simply and perhaps be just a tiny bit more aware of the hopes and fears of those around us.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here today. It is a sad time for those folks in Japan. My heart aches for them and my prayers are with them. May they find some comfort in the days ahead and the strength to go on.

  4. Thank you for your post. I, too, am finding it hard to think about new, shiny, buy, get...when it is that mindset that creates so many of the heartaches humanity faces.


  5. Some (many?) years ago I had a much loved t-shirt that said "Live simply so that other may simply live." Guess it still applies.

  6. You may be too young to remember 3 mile island. Amazing to see how many nuclear plants are planned to be built world wide in the near future.



  7. I hope that we will all pause to reflect. Thank you Kelly for a meaningful post. I know that many of us are watching and hurting for those in the midst of all that pain. Maybe we can find some way to reach out to them, and in that moment, we may feel that somehow we helped them, ourselves, and all humankind. Blessings to you, and wishing you a quiet time of meditation,
    Jacque in SC

  8. Of what I have seen of this DISASTER, the nuclear aspect is what frightens me the most. I have not watched much (happy that we don't have as much up to the minute news down here), and that I am not on information overload, as all the NEWS channels... like to give OVER aNd OVER again.

    You have summed up my position very well and like you I am praying.

  9. Well said friend...well said..hugs Khris

  10. Thank you for saying what's in all our hearts and minds (and if it's not, shame on us, it *should* be). Amen, friend. Good luck to us all.

    I love Madaline's T-shirt. We sure need that now!

  11. I was 1/4 mile from Three Mile Island when it failed. I never want to live through that kind of terror again, packing my few valuables, and perched in front of the TV waiting for the evacuate order.... nor the twice yearly followup by the government for years after, to be sure I did not give birth to a child with deformities, among other things.

    I vote for solar. It's 'free', it's safe. I think that living simply and more slowly is a huge answer for me. Perhaps not for everyone. At any rate, our prayers continue for all affected by this earthquake.


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