Friday, August 21, 2009

A Clean House in Two Hours?

How do you get your house clean in 2 hours? Better yet, how do you get your house clean in 2 hours while you are laying on the sofa with a sinus headache?

You remind your husband his parents will be arriving tomorrow!!! Oh yea baby....I was on the sofa with a bad sinus headache and he ran around this house like a vicious tornado. Grandma and Grandpa arrive this afternoon and the laundry is caught up, the guest bedroom that was previously filled with tools from Rick's bathroom project is now empty (my bedroom however is now full of tools :) and the kitchen floor has been mopped.

I got so excited by watching Rick clean that I actually got up off the sofa and cleaned the carpet in the family room. Romance takes on many forms over the years doesn't it!!!

While his parents are here I'm going to have a discussion with them about their family genes. I have long suspected there is a liar somewhere in their family line. I finally have proof. See Aaron's offspring.....they have noses like Pinocchio must have come from Rick's side of the family....don't you think?
I think I'll talk with Grandpa about the genetic issue....Grandma might think I'm serious at first!!! Those poor folks....can you imagine having me as a Daughter-In-Law?
Naughty Smiles,


  1. I'm sure they are pleased to have you as a dil. I mean, how many times did they ask Rick to pick up his room when he was at home. And here you've got him cleaning the whole house! Gotta love these guys.

  2. I think if my husband had done that, I would have had to go to the emergency room for heart attack....

  3. I think they are lucky to have such a wise woman for a daughter in law! It's not every woman who can get her husband to clean! (giggle)

  4. well.....what's up with the tomatoes?


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