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Friday, August 14, 2009

Green Fairy Quilt Charity Update Friday Edition

Last night when I was tucking in the boys I asked Zachary if he would help me with the garage sale in the morning. He said, "Mommy do you think Daddy could us a window so I could sell cupcakes and lemonade?" I smiled and told him I would ask Daddy. Inside I was laughing. He sees the cartoons and they always have one of those Lemonade stands that have an awning and an opening to put the lemonade through. How sweet. He was so excited.

So I get up at 6:00 this morning and made cupcakes. We did not have lemonade so I made some Green Tea mix I had. By 8:00 I had two boys screaming they wanted cupcakes for breakfast. Where did my sweet Zachary and Aaron go?
Last night while I was at the Black Swamp Quilters meeting, my girlfriend delivered an entire truck load of things for the sale. Her neighbor had all these things left from their garage sale a week earlier. She dropped of a dining room table, 4 chairs, this love seat, 2 large bags of clothes, kids toys and electronics. I was floored.

Then this afternoon I had the woman come back who donated the pick up truck full from the day before the sale with another truck load. Two pick-up truck loads of As if that were not enough, I had another friend who is moving out of state deliver yet another pick-up truck full of things.
I am elbow high in miscellaneous stuff!!! There were very few customers this morning. At 11:00 I went out and checked on the signs. They all needed to be straightened or put back up. Afterwards things picked up a little. Even though it was a slow day....we earned One Hundred Thirty Three dollars and Twelve cents. That makes a grand total of Two Hundred Fifty-Seven dollars and Eighty-seven cents. Wooooo Hooooo Diddlllllleeeeyyyyy Doooooooo and Ye Haw Too :)
Lets pray tomorrow is a flood of people so I can have all this stuff off my driveway and into new homes.

1 comment:

  1. That is just totally awesome what you are doing...and how generous of everyone who donated. I know Judi will be thrilled.


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