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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Green Fairy Quilt Charity Update Saturday Edition

It sure was hot here in Ohio today. I am hot and stinky. By chance I've not eaten since this morning. I'm so hungry I could eat almost anything right now. Amazing perspective gained for what it must be like day after day for those in Romania that Judi and her husband are going to feed. I did not intend to do this....but it sure is a lesson.
I'm sure you are tired of hearing me want to know the amount raised today don't you? I knew it. Are you ready for this? No you are not....sit down....(you're probably sitting the total was Two Hundred Forty Two dollars and Fifty Seven cents. Grand total: that I can get excited about. 500 Hundred just three days!!! Amazing isn't it.
I want to say to everyone who has commented or e-mailed me about what a great thing I've contribution was some elbow grease, I sent out two sets of e-mails, and I had 30 copies made (my husband actually did this) to hand out at the garage sale. I did donate some of my things to the sale....but not nearly as much as others donated. It is not me....not Kelly that is amazing...I promise you that. It is the generous donations of others that made this all possible. It was my neighbor who came on Thursday night to unload a pick-up truck because my husband and I both were away. It was my girlfriends neighbor who donated an entire truck load of wonderful belongings to the sale. It was my Mother who drove down to help look after my boys so I could do the sale. It was every customer who came and purchased something. Please don't tell others or even comment that it was me.....I was a part of the event....that is all...nothing more or less. I certainly am excited about what was accomplished and I'm overjoyed that Judi and Clint Madsen, Green Fairy Quilts, are going to Romania to take quilts and feed hungry people with the money that a group of us in Ohio are donating.
Most days I have 100 - 150 visitors to this blog. I was thinking as I was writing this post.....what if everyone who reads this blog would go to Judi and Clint's website and donate just 3.40. I checked paypal and for Judi to receive the full 3.00 you would have to send the extra 40 cents....less than the price of a stamp. That would be an additional 300.00. Please consider clicking on the Green Fairy Quilts link above in blue and donating 3.40.
I'm off to eat a big dinner....I'm starvin marvin.


  1. That is totally awesome...brings tears to my eyes, truly. what all of you have done is amazing.

  2. I'm proud of you Kelly! What a great effort for such a good cause.


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