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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Curb Alert

Ok, call me crazy (you would not be far from the truth) but throwing away perfectly good usable new items turns me into a "curb shopper."
My girlfriend Rachel took me to see her new house on Thursday. The house is in the process of being finished and the cement was being poured. I begged her to let her two little girls put their hand prints into the cement near the garage door. After a call to her husband (why?...forgiveness beats permission every day) she let the girls make hand prints. We wiped them off with wet wipes and I was looking everywhere for a garbage can to put the wipes into. No go. But then I notice across the way the trash is out in front of another house. So I go walking my booty down there to throw them away and what do I notice?
You guessed it (quick study ay?) all of these items in the trash. The tag was still on the dust pan and the scrub brush in the bucket. So I am the proud owner of a brand new bucket, scrub brush, dustpan and some gently used garbage cans and a Wet Swiffer (batteries work and all).
I think my husband would crawl under a rock if he saw Rachel and I rustling through someones trash can.
There was a pile of sweatshirts on top too. Can anyone tell me why on Gods Green Earth (GGE) anyone on this planet would throw away perfectly good things and not put them on FreeCycle dot com or give them to Goodwill?
To maintain my sanity I have told myself, "self...yes I'm listening.....the woman who lived there had had enough cleaning and decided to rid herself of all cleaning instruments and all of her husbands clothes too". She must be one happy woman so I will forgive her this transgression.


  1. I love it when I "acquire" perfectly good things that way! Great story and very nice finds! (and at least you didn't have to dumpster dive to get them!)

  2. No doubt that you friend's neighbor is a quilter who takes her sewing seriously! "A clean house is the sign of a broken sewing machine!"

  3. I know how you feel. Sometimes I get in such a rush that I just throw something away and then I get really mad a t myself. There are too many people who could use the things I no longer need or want.

  4. I can't imagine throwing out the things you have rescued. Good for you! We get rid of things, but they go to Goodwill. They have to be totally used to go in the garbage.

  5. Did it even enter you mind that they had some type of disasterous event that needed a quick cleaning and didn't want those germs back in their house??

    Just kidding, good find!!

  6. Hi Kelly , thanks so much for visiting and following my blog . No way would I have left that treasure behind either !

  7. I know some folks that just change things with the wind. They get the latest and greatest and just dump the rest. It is sad but very true. We live in a throw away society.

  8. I agree with the why? about asking permission. It would have never occurred to me to ask my husband and if I felt I had to, he wouldn't be my husband for long. I am a trash pilferer also. I find so many usable items I can use, give, or donate. Cindy


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