Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Checker 61st Anniversary Open House Aug. 24

Before I get started with who was there (probably a multi-part series) let me say a few things about the 61st Anniversary Open House held at Checker Distributors this past Sunday and Monday.

I felt like I was going to Disney when I pulled into Checker parking lot. There were 3 or 4 folks with flags waving us into our parking spots. Everyone smiles and were cheerful out there. I was welcomed and promptly offered coffee and cookies. Mind you it is 8AM but you know me.....sugar and caffeine is my favorite "rocket fuel." There were lots of staff available to help with almost everything. Lunch was excellent: BBQ pork & chicken, green beans, salad, coleslaw, cake and cold and hot beverages. I'm sure that was a ton of work and I really appreciate their effort (especially because I'm a peanut size business compared to many of those other folks there).
Ok....now I've been nice....here is my complaint. You may remember the last open house I attended. If you don't....you can read about it HERE.

Apparently Checker have some strange company policy about dress code??!!?? At least that is what they were saying when I asked about the men is short shorts and serving Margaritas. I left before 3:00PM so for all I know those were served (they were probably just waiting for me to leave) Now, I did see some men in shorts and I took this picture as proof.

But....hmmmm.....mmmmm....aaaa ummmm...what do you think? Are these short enough ladies?

I'm just thinking at conferences that are attended mainly by men there are usually some sort of pretty ladies around or some restaurant they are taken too because the girls are pretty. I'm just saying.....you all know there are more ladies than men in attendance.....I'd just like some entertainment....do you think we live on fabric and notions alone (shhhh don't mention the cookies)?

It's nice to be a peanut....I then have time to blog and have fun...LOL.

Naughty Smiles,

Kelly...I'll be right back to post about the really good stuff as soon as I get my co-workers down for their naps :)

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  1. Lucky you. I would have love to have gone to this event.

    Can't wait to hear what you bought.



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