Thursday, August 13, 2009

Green Fairy Quilt Charity Update

9:00 AM

1:30 Thursday
Day One of the garage sale is now over. I asked friends and neighbors to drop off their unwanted belongings so I could add them to my garage sale. I was having a garage sale anyway and thought doing a fundraiser for Green Fairy Quilts at the same time would be an easy way to raise money to help those in Romania. I became interested in helping them fundraise because 100% of the money goes directly to those in need. Nothing is skimmed off to pay for a CEO's salary or for postage to request more funds. I'm kind of funny about that stuff.
So, do you want to know how much was raised in 4 1/2 hours? I knew you did....why did I bother to ask? One Hundred Twenty Four dollars and Seventy Five cents. Why did I write it out and not use numbers???? So those who just want to check the amount would have to work for it!!! LOL....I'm soooo bad.
I have another friend bringing a sofa and some more things tonight. I'll keep everyone posted.


  1. That is totally awesome, you are doing a wonderfl thing for Green Fairy's Charity.


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