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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ott Lights Galore

You may ask yourself, so how does one very frugal gal end up with 4 Ott Lights? You know she did not go out and pay full price for 4 Ott Lights. Here is the knew there would be a story right?

Meet Ottra Lotta. She stands to my right when I sew and my machine. Ottra can be moved over my cutting table with a quick lift and twist wrist motion. She came from Needles Quilt Shop in Wellsboro, PA. I won her in a drawing. I was just as shocked as anyone to learn I had won.

Now here is Ott-Owie. I actually bought him (not at full price mind you) while living in South Carolina. He was my first Ott Light. I forget how he got broken but he did. Did I throw him away? No way. I cut off his broken appendages and re-attached his male parts to the base of the light. See close up below.

This is Ott-Clipsondatablea . She she is clipped to my left at my sewing machine. Yes I have a Bendable Bright Light too. If I had a spot light I probably would want more light. Ott-Clipsondatablea had to be purchased when living in PA. Ott-Owie was in storage when we left SC for PA. We had no idea we would be in PA for 11 months. We thought we would be there for 6 weeks. Lucky for many ways....there was a NEED to buy another light so I could see while I stitched. So I convinced my husband a 50% off sale would mean I actually saved money (no mention of the other 50% I spent right?) I bought Ott-Clipsondatablea before I won Ottra-Lotta. Now that makes 3 Ott Lights for one girl. Yes I are probably thinking why on GGE did she not give one away. Well, I needed one next to my sewing machine and one next to where I was doing hand stitching.

Last but not least....please meet Ott-OhhhhLotteria. I saved the best story for last.
I frequently visit certain dumpsters around town. I get my boxes for shipping and my bubble wrap free. I know where they use the boxes I like/need and where the bubble wrap free haven is located. (That is how I am able to keep my prices low....typically it costs a company up to 3.00 per shipment for packaging alone!!!) One day while visiting my free stations....I noticed a dumpster that looked like it was overflowing with bubble wrap and boxes. So I flipped the lid....and what did I see: This Ott Light in a box in the dumpster. I blinked....blinked....and blinked again. I thought for sure I was seeing things. Quietly I snatched that baby up and put her in my van. I got lots of great bubble wrap too.
When I got home I took her out of her box and plugged her in. Much to my amazement....she worked just fine. The only problem was the threading on the stand was broken. Boo Hoo....guess the store manager has no appreciation for small repairs. I had the handy hubby put a metal rod that we just so happened to have in the basement on that baby and she just glows and glows. Can you imagine Ott OhhhLotteria in a landfill? Me either.

There is her repaired leg. She stands strong and tall....shining when ever I ask her to.
Ya just never know what you will find ay?


  1. You are so thrifty...loved the last story.

  2. Wow Kelly, you are such an Otty lady :-)


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