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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grandparents At Last!!!!

Let me be the first to announce that Rick and I are now Grandparents. I'm so excited. I've wanted to be a Grandmother all of my life. Grandparents are the absolute best. I can now join the glowing Grandparents Club.

Introducing "Fluffy and Funny".....Zach's Twins (his choice of names). He chose the seeds at the store early in spring. He planted them and has taken care of them all summer. This morning they bloomed. Aren't they beautiful? No crying, nighttime diaper changes or baby blankets.

Next, I'd like to introduce "Reddy and Bob the Tomato" (is on the right ...Aaron says it is because it looks like a face). These are Aaron's children. He loves tomatoes and he planted way too many tomato plants this spring. We will be keeping Reddy and Bob....but many of their siblings will be put up for adoption. The rest of the clan will become salsa. Eating one's Grandchildren is cruel....but in this case....we are making an exception.

Meet Rosie. She is my lovely blossom. No bonnets necessary.

This is Rosies friend. They live next door to one another.

Last but not least.....Rick and I have grown another child. This one is the best of the 5 we have. She requires only college wedding back to school whining in the grocery fighting over legos....Why on GGE did we not discover this first?

Please don't send congratulatory gifts at this time. We don't have room for any more belongs. As a matter of fact, we are having a garage sale this weekend in hopes of re-locating lots of our stuff. There will be two sections for our relocation program. The first is our family general re-location. The other is a Green Fairy Quilts re-location project. Many people have contributed unwanted belongings to be re-located. The monies raised (100%) will go to the Green Fairy Quilt Charity to feed and dress children and their families in Romania. For more information check out the Green Fairy Quilt Charity.
Granny Smiles,


  1. Congratulations! Fluffy and Funny are gorgeous.

  2. Congrats....I am sure you belly will be happy on a few of those.


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