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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Annie Get Your Gun? Or AMO Case?

Tonight I finally made it to the Toledo Needle Arts Guild meeting. I tried to go last week but they meeting date and location had changed a few months ago and I did not know that. Well it sure was worth the wait. I met some very nice ladies and got to see a few projects that people were working on.

One of the gals at the meeting was sharing her organizational system for storing her threads and beads. Out of her bag came two AMO Boxes. One was for 416 Mag and the other was for a 45 caliber. I almost fell out laughing. She had found them at a hunting/fishing shop. They were perfect for holding her thread and beads. So, if you are in need of some of these "specialty boxes" perhaps you better skip the stitching shop and head over to your local gun supply store!!!
I don't recommend taking your threads on an airplane in those however. You are certain to be stopped and checked thoroughly :)

Another humorous thing that happened tonight was an announcement that needlework supplies can be donated to women in detention centers. The gal continued sharing that there were 35,000 hours of sewing/stitching that had been donated to the community by these women in the detention center. Hmmmm....female criminals get more time to stitch and sew than we do? What is wrong with this picture? I want to know what crime I need to commit in order to get time to sit and stitch. April 15th...I was wondering if Tax evasion would be enough to get me some stitching time. Too bad we already filed our taxes!!! Then I wondered if we did not donate our items would these gals just come to our houses and just take what they wanted? (I am soooo bad)

Lastly on the announcement was made that there will be a "Stitch and Pitch" sponsored by the Mud Hens (a baseball team here in Toledo). Admission to the park that night would be 8.00 and you can bring your knitting and/or stitching and do your needlework while you watch baseball. mind began reeling from I thought it would be better if we went to a "Stitch in the Ditch." The entire group of us could dawn our bathing suits and lay in a ditch and stitch for a photo opportunity. Then of course the photos could be made into a calender and the guild could use this as a fundraiser. God only knows where my mind would go next.....I stopped myself!!!

I had to post this picture. I took this picture last Saturday when Rick and I took the boys to an Easter Egg Hunt in Maumee. A church had hired a helicopter to drop 20,000 eggs. I snapped this picture and thought I would share it.
Kelly you think if we all committed an appropriate crime together that we could end up in the same correctional facility and sew, eat, sew, eat, sew, eat....all together? I guess we might all be good at stabbing...well at least stabbing our fingers ....I'll think of something :)
Just let me know if you are in on the DEAL....we'll get a "guest list" together and the code for the operation will be, "RETREAT". Yes I have lost my mind and I just need more sleep.


  1. Oh yes, lock me up to sew, LOL!

  2. I guess I'll have to suggest a trip to the sporting goods store to hubby...what a great idea!!!

  3. I love your sense of humour, I also have made similar comments in the past about Our stitched in Quilters over here. I am not sure I want to join them but I do envy them the time they have available to stitch with no interuptions.


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