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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Quilted Note Cards and Fabric Post Cards

Sewing on scrapbook paper? Yes I did. I stitched these layered note cards and embellished them with buttons. They were fun to send out to my stitching friends. This was before I learned about fabric post cards. I've recently learned to make those and have even included my 4 year old son in the process.


My 4 year old son is the designer of this beautiful fabric post card. He was watching me sew and asked if he could make something special for our guests. My friends were visiting from Japan and he wanted something "special" to give them. I let him go through my scraps and he climbed up onto my tall stool and he began cutting out little pieces of fabric. Then he ran upstairs to get some foamies and some stickers too. Boy was he angry when I had moved his little pieces of fabric over a few inches. "Mommy you messed up my work!!!" Well, I guess he told me. He took several minutes placing each piece of fabric on the front of the post card. Then he choose the color of thread and the stitch that we use for each seam and embellishment. Zach was so proud of himself and I was too. I even let him press the buttons to change the stitches. He thought that was big time sewing!!

Then he signed his card.

These are the recipients of Zach's beautiful card. Jim and Chika were so pleased to receive such a nice gift. Made the crystal bowl I bought them for their engagement look a whole lot less valuable :)

Have a great Saturday!!


  1. How very sweet! And Zach did a beautiful job on the postcard. One I am sure your friends will cherish.


  2. How creative, I love this idea for cards :-) Congratulations to Zach!


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