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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ideas!!! Need some? Got some!!!

If you are anything like me, I'm always looking for a new idea to give as gifts. My girlfriend, Mary Jane, taught me to make these fabric note pad covers. I really enjoy making them and I enjoy giving them as gifts even better. These can be made in several sizes to hold a variety of size note pads. I like this size because it fits into my stitching bag nicely. I take it with me to write ideas down or tips as I come across them. This one was given to my neighbor, Janell, for Christmas this past year.

Another great idea was posted by Susan McConnell yesterday on her blog. She said that she uses Glad Wrap Press and Seal to do machine quilting. Check this out on her blog. I think it is a great idea.

Another gift that I like to give are the Criss Cross Coasters, Hot Pads and Pot Holders. I've given mine all away as gifts so I don't have a picture of one for you. However, I do know that All Sorts blog had posted a tutorial on them with really fun fabrics back on 11/21/06 (told you I love to look at blogs :).

I've seen quite a bit of salvage sewing lately on many blogs. I think the Criss Cross coasters would look very cute made with salvages. If anyone makes some, please e-mail me a pix to post. I don't have enough salvages to make a small square much less an entire coaster :)

The last idea I want to share today is the fabric flowers that I saw on Blair Peter's Craft Wise blog. These flowers are lots of fun and I think they will be great on purses, on a blouse, jacket and/ or hat.

Yesterday I went to the recycle center to do my recycling. As many of you already know, I collect the Box Tops for Education. Well, when I go to the recycle center I see a ton of card board boxes with the box tops still intact. So I spend 30 minutes or so tearing off the labels and putting them in my pocket. Perhaps most people have never seen a grown woman garbage pick in their entire lives because I get the funniest looks from people. Today a man asked me what I was looking for.....I so badly wanted to say I'm looking for something I threw away by accident......but I did not....I just replied....the Pink Box Tops for Education worth 10 cents each!!! I got 4.60 worth of box tops today....that is cash to the school!!! So people really are throwing money into the recycle bin. I don't get into the bin...I just take the ones I can reach (I'm 6' tall) but now if there were lots of quilting or stitching magazines in that bet your booty I'd climb right in to get them no matter who was watching!!!


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