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Friday, April 17, 2009

Cockle Doodle Doooo!!!

When I saw this Rooster I felt energized. Perhaps it is the colors or perhaps it is because when I look in the mirror in the morning I can identify with all that red up in the air!!

Kathy Wilson had these items posted on her blog. As you all know I love to blog-surf* on occasion. I wrote and asked could I pretty please, pretty please, pretty please have her as a guest artist. Like so many kind and generous gals...she agreed. This is a little bit about Kathy and her work:

"I was born & raised in Tennessee. I love all types of art even though my passion is quilting & oil painting. My inspiration comes from my grandmother who was a quilter & my mother who was an artist. I have been interested in all types of hand work. My very first quilt was one that I cross stitched & then hand quilted. It was a work in progress for about 10 years. I started oil painting 3 years ago. I wanted to learn something different so I thought I would give it a try. The Crazy Patch block is also something new I wanted to try. Maybe one day I will complete enough blocks to make a quilt. The "Rooster" block is from a block of the month series designed by Maggie Walker. It is titled A Country Journal. You can find her work at"
I also was attracted to the crazy quilt work because I also enjoy embroidery. When I belonged to a SAGA group in MI I learned many of these stitches. I made some wall hangings and a pillow (gave them away as gifts) and I really like seeing all the handwork.

Have a great day....there is frost on the grass and it is cold here....but I bet it is warm by noon :)

Smiles, Kelly
*Blog-Surf...I have no idea if this is an official term or if I just made it up because it made sense....I truly think it could be added to the X those skateboard guys and the BMX bikers....can you see a new category of all of us quilters and stitchers....old ladies by the X-Games standards (mostly very young guys)....I can hear the commentators now....they might treat us like Simon Cowell treated Susan Boyle. If you are not sure what I'm referring to, google Susan Boyle and make sure to see her sing, "I Have A Dream"...I loved it and she surprised everyone...and we'd surprise those fellas at the X Games :)


  1. Kelly I love to surf the quilting blogs too. What a great rooster. Thanks for sharing about about Kathy Wilson. So much inspiration out there!

  2. Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing my work. It's nice to know that others appreciate what we do & I appreciate what you have done.
    Kathleen Wilson


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