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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take a Peek

This is my sad response to Anya's post, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". Anya has three bags of salvages that she has collected. This is what I have:

One single lonely Salvage...yes just one. That is all I have. I have always thrown them out. Lately with my re-assignment projects....they don't come with salvages. So, I have exactly one and a very nice storage method I might add!!! You have to check out The Salvage Blog There are so many cool salvage projects. Too bad it will be awhile before I can make anything more than a G string :( And one is probably not enough for that....I don't even know if they have patterns for those....and who would I give it to? Oh just forget it....I'll just save it until I get more.

A close up so you can really see how cool my one .... yes ONE....salvage very cool!!! Don't blink, you might miss it.

Remember that thread stash I was going to work on? Well, I added some new spools this week....woooo hoooo. This is the first variegated thread I've ever bought. I'm excited to use it on my machine and in my punchneedle projects. The lime green is because I don't have much lime green left and I did happen to remember that while shopping!!! All these things we need to keep in our heads...what threads we have...what we need...what we may need....what we want....oh my this is very difficult....How do we do it???
Since I'm showing you my storage method (for my one salvage)....I figured I might as well open the kimono and show you the whole kit and caboodle. So here is my sewing area. I did not however include my two racks of fabric and other stash items. Nor did I include the storage of my other sewing related items. There is a reason for to build suspense (like the James Bond movies....only with no music and not very much drams) and the other is that my son Zach was screaming that he wanted lunch. So, I'll get back down again soon and take some more pictures.

I had the grid walls from a previous business. I decided to sell most of what I had and keep these to store my threads and sewing notions. They have come in very handy. I especially like that I can move the pegs around to suit my needs. You can definitely see these are candid pictures and not staged at all....I did not even clean up my area....just point and shoot :)

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  1. Well Kelly, I didn't know there was anyone who had fewer sevages then I do, but I think you win the prize :-)


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