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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Internet Was Out Today

My Internet went out today. It has been slow as molasses for the last several days and this connection at all. The good news is the repair person arrived and fixed it in less than an hour. I was thrilled. He said his mother quilts and he gets a quilt every Christmas. I told him he probably did not realize how very lucky he is and that I want to get on her Christmas list too!!

This is a picture of some Stump Work I made and gave to a friend as a gift. I took a class from Jan Kerton of Bustles and Bows. This is a link to the store she works from.

Jan lives in Melbourne, AU and comes to teach classes in the US. I met her in South Carolina about 8 years ago. When I had the opportunity to visit AU with my husband a few years ago I looked her up. Rick was working and I had the day to myself in Melbourne. I remembered only that she lived in AU and not where. So went to the town center to use one of the computers I had seen there. I Googled Jan Kerton and up popped her name and the address of the shop. So I ventured out on street car to the area and began walking until I found the shop. It was amazing....I had goose bumps. I was standing in a store I never thought I would ever be in and seeing the patterns of the lovely woman who had taught me to make such lovely things. I mentioned to the gal behind the counter that I had met Jan in the US and was by chance visiting the area. She said simply, "Well if you'd like to talk to Jan she is in the back room teaching a class." It was like a siting of Elvis for me. Unbelievable!! What is the likelihood that I would be in AU, standing in a stitching shop and Jan Kerton was by chance in the back room??? I knocked on the door and she opened the door and gave me a big hug and smile. She remembered my face and invited me to join her class. What a great experience for me. I was invited back later in the week to learn more about Brazilian Embroidery. The work the ladies were doing was absolutely gorgeous. It was a peak experience for me for sure.

It is almost bus time here. My son gets off the bus and I have to be out in the driveway to get him.

Have a great day!

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