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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wooo Hooo It's Easter!!!

Easter has become one of my favorite holidays. I love that it beckons in Spring and all the beautiful flowers associated with Spring. The Egg Hunts are a ball to watch and the coloring of eggs is a great time too. I think another reason I really like Easter is that people don't "expect" gifts. It is like Thanksgiving in the sense that people gather to celebrate and enjoy one another's company. There is no big stress about gifts or expectations (at least not for me :)

Soooo, to continue with the theme of "FAVORITES" I'm going to share some pictures of some of my favorite hand made gifts that I've been given. Let me preface this by saying it does not include things given to me by my children. Those are very precious to me and I feel private about those sort of things. These are items I've been given by other stitchers and crafters.
Because it takes soooo long to upload pictures I'm only going to share 5 with you today.

The first is a Friendship Block Miniature that was given to me by Mary Jane when I left PA and moved to OH. She had lots of wonderful, kind, interesting, smart, loving, beautiful gals sign their names to a block and made it into a miniature wall hanging for me. I treasure every name on that quilt. What an incredible reminder of 11 very sweet months of friendships built while I lived in Mansfield, PA. Oh yea, it also has the first fabric post card I've ever received. Pretty cool ay?

The next is a bag I keep my hexagons for a mystery project I work on when I need a hand stitching project to carry with me. Mary Jane made this from scraps of fabric I had used while making a table runner for my sister-in-law. I threw the scraps into her trash and much to my surprise I found this bag in the mail as a gift. I cracked up laughing. My trash became my treasure!!!

This is a "Bosom Pin Cushion" that is worn around my neck. Mary Jane had made this (her design) and I just loved it. She gave it to me and then taught me how to make one. That is what I absolutely love about stitchers, quilters, and crafters.....they are so willing to show me how to do something and share their techniques with me. I really admire this tradition and I follow in these ladies footsteps. I always show others how to do what I know how to do and encourage their work.
XXXDDD????ZZZZ and other curse words...I back spaced and the picture deleated. I'm not going back through all this to add the picture. I'll just add it to the next post!!! There is more than one way to slice a cake!!!
Here is a great gift from Kay Lyman of Mansfield, PA. She made this scissor fob and I really like the green beads and the tassel. She gave it to me at a "Quilt Tea" where we both displayed our work. I admired it and she gave it to me. Green is one of my very favorite colors so I enjoy this scissor fob quite a bit.

Kay also made this Pin Cushion. She had made several to sell at the "Quilt Tea". I think it is so cheerful and fun. I keep it on my sewing work table for my pins and needles. It is weighted on the bottom so it does not tip over.
These are the things that make me smile and keep me creating when I'm alone in my sewing area. I'm very blessed to have such great friends and generous too!!!

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