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Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Is Almost Here...I Have Buds

Spring is almost here. I have buds on my tulips!!!! Hurray. I'd go out and take a picture of them and paste it here....but it is dark outside now. So instead, I put a picture of a recent punchneedle project I completed. The pattern is by Angela Anderson . She offered it as a give away back in March. If I were a faster reader I would have realized I had to have it done by March 16th. When I became aware of the deadline, I realized I had to commit myself to sitting down and finishing the project. As life happens, Zach got business picked was always something. I was mortified that I let Angela down. I e-mailed her and asked what I could do to make amends. I believe in making amends. She said it was OK she understood. So I sat down and finished the pattern on Saturday. I'm so proud of how well it turned out. I've only made about 6 pieces of punchneedle. I have a long way to go but I'm still happy with my progress so far. I used regular sewing thread for all but the center.
Speaking of things taking off....I can't believe how many hits and visits I've had on my blog on Easter Sunday. Geez, I never thought Easter Sunday would be a day to get on the computer. I'm so very pleased with the feedback I've been getting. Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions.
Speaking of suggestions, someone asked about a dust cover for the NEW Easy Reach Carousels. There has been a pattern added to my website for the dust cover for the Easy Reach Thread Carousel. Now that is fast!!! Thanks to Virginia!
I received lots of positive comments on the gifts I've received. That was nice too. Many people e-mailed me wanting one of Mary Jane's "Bosom Pin Cushions." So I added 4 to my website as well. So if you want to own one of those beautiful Bosom Cushions....just feel free to click on over to the shop and order yourself one. While you are at it....order one for a stitching friend's birthday too :)
Need some feedback here: I have an idea to add a book dedication page to my website. Anyone who wanted to dedicate a sewing book/DVD in honor of someone/anyone or group could purchase the book from me (at cost plus postage to send it to the designated Library or Guild) and I would then send it to a library of choice or to a guild of choice. Do you think that would be a good program? Any other ideas like that? Please let me know. I'm all for giving back and I think that might be a wonderful way to honor a loved one or friend. Just post your comments so I can get more ideas. I would somehow get a "book plate" or something dedicating the book/DVD to affix to the book/DVD.

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  1. Punchneedle looks GREAT! Don't you love the feeling your get when you see it done.... Its like that commerical " You did that?" - " Yes I did that!" Keep punching!


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