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Monday, August 23, 2010

2 Martins In A Nest

IHAN blog readers meet Rachel Martin.  Rachel is Cecile McPeak's (Just Another Button Company) daughter.  I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel in Minneapolis during Quilt Market. 

To make a long story shorter (a first for me:) let me just say when I first saw JABC buttons and pins I had suggested to Cecile that they would be lovely for hair bows and headbands.  When Rachel was looking for a new creative outlet, Cecile shared the idea with her daughter.  This was the beginning of 2 Martins In A Nest.

Below are photos of Rachel's creations for her upcoming wedding.  She has really taken a small idea and given it  life that is amazingly creative and fun. 
This is Rachel's headband that she wore for her wedding.  When she was showing them to me she was not yet married.  Fast forward a few months and she is now married to Joshua Martin.  Now they are 2 Martins In A Nest .  Isn't that just the best name?  I love it.
This is her wedding bouquet.  Isn't it incredible? 
Here is a close up of just the top.  I think it is just beautiful!
These headbands  were for the brides maids. 
(I hope my memory is serving me correctly....after all it has been 3 months...yikes:)

Rachel had made these for table decorations.  Isn't that a great idea for using the wooden spools?

Just as I was writing to tell Cecile that I was getting my photos of Rachel's headbands and decorations ready to post she suggested I may want to wait a day or two.  I wondered, hmmmm, why should I wait?

A day or so later this arrived in the mail:

No silly, not Rosemary's beautiful and precious grand daughter Francis, the headband.  Don't you know it is illegal to mail children in a Priority Rate Box?
It looked so good on Francis I asked my angel to try it on.  Well.....hmmmmm.....all I can say is.....he certainly is a good sport...LOL. 

Thank you Rachel for the beautiful headband.  I think your creativity is amazing and I love use of the vintage buttons in your creations :)  To contact 2 Martins In A Nest you can click here or e-mail

One very lucky IHAN blog reader will have the opportunity to own this fun headband from 2 Martins In A Nest.  Leave a comment on this post and I will draw a winner on Thursday evening.

Oh yes....and a special thank you to my two models, Francis and Zachary.....excellent job!! 



  1. What a good sport Zachary is! You'll have to keep that photo for his graduation or wedding!

  2. Sorry, but I don't think the headband is Zach's style at all - or mine either for that don't enter me! ha ha.

  3. I sometimes feel like an old fuddy duddy by wearing headbands, but I hate to have my hair in my face. I'd look just great in one of Rachel's bands. Kathie L in Allentown

  4. How cute are those headbands. They even look good on grown up girls.

  5. Thanks for announcing 2 Martins in A Nest. What great products they have created. Just lovely.

    And I think it is very nice of Zach to help model for you. Although he does seem to have a smile that is questioning "what is mom up to now?".


  6. Some people are just too, too clever! What a cute idea.

  7. Thanks for planting the seed for this new business Kelly. Tell Zachary that even Josh (the 2nd Martin)has been known to model a new headband for a moment or two. We tell him he is a good sport too!

  8. What creativity and talent!! Love the headbands!! They look fantastic on everyone! (better on little girls) Thanks for the info!

  9. Oh my, yes, he's a good sport! I'd love to win the headband. So cute!

  10. Oh, that headband would look very good on my daughter. Thanks for the chance.

  11. The apple doesn't fall too far from that tree, what gorgeous flowers.

    No need for the headband but thanks, it is lovely..

  12. Hi Kelly! I just stumbled upon your blog today and am having so much fun looking at all the creative ideas! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  13. What wonderful wedding ideas. Wish I had a daughter getting married!


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