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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House Chapter 6

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House
Chapter many more chapters?

The Quilt Branch

This is Susan Knapp from The Quilt Branch.  She and Mary Jane Mattingly are the designers of  the Creative Girds House Ruler 9-1/2in x 12in and authors of three books.   Susan demonstrated how to get all of these angles with just one ruler.


I'm a visual person so this chart did more to explain the value of this ruler than any demonstration could have.  Although I enjoyed watching the demonstration, this photo says it all for me.  I left out the photos I took of Susan doing the demonstration because I think this chart is more than explanatory, don't you?

The quilt on the left is from Susan and Mary Jane's book Six Halves Makes A Whole Sampler and the one on the right is Six Halves Makes A Whole Lot More.  I'm sorry about the easel in the foreground....somehow I just wasn't able to jump over the counter and move it....but you know I would have :)


This quilt is on the cover of  Six Halves Makes A Whole Lot More. Here's more inspiration for using one or two of those great those great roll-ups of 6 half-yard cuts. Six new projects each using 6 half-yard cuts. There are instructions for five five quilts and a set of place mats included, plus extras.


Six Halves Make a Whole Sampler 
Start with six half yard cuts of fabric - 2 mediums and 4 darks - add background and sashing fabrics and you will create an heirloom 62" x72" quilt. Complete instructions for using the the Creative Grids House Ruler are included to make it easy to cut out future quilts too. Patterns for using the blocks for a table runner or tote are also included. Designed by Susan Knapp and Mary Jane Mattingly

For a free pattern stop over to The Quilt Branch website!!!


  1. I have the first book "Six Halves Make a Whole" and love it. Fun, easy projects.

  2. What a cute play on words...

    I am a visual learner as give me instruction and you are waiting for trouble...or alot of reading and re reading but give me a is a done deal!

  3. Thanks for telling us all about these rulers and books. They look fabulous :)

  4. What pretty quilts. Looks like a good tool to have.

  5. Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing about The Quilt Branch. We love what we do and we work with the best people in the world -- quilters!

  6. It always amazes me how there are always new techniques being created to help quilters be even more creative and productive. These rulers look great.

  7. The illustrated guide with photos does indeed help explain this ruler. Thanks.

  8. interesting tools & pattern. I just love rulers by Creative Grids.

  9. Susan Knapp is so very talented. Thanks for sharing more insights about Checker Distributor's open house!


  10. I think a picture always makes things clearer too.

  11. Wow, cool ruler. I love those shapes.

  12. I am interested by the House ruler. May have to check that out soon.

  13. I can learn by reading/following instructions...but I get impatient, and pictures/visual make it faster for me. Thanks again for reviewing a new product for us.


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