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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

IHAN Plays Hooky

The good thing about playing Hooky at IHAN is you don't have to worry the boss will find out....we are honest about our goofing off around here.  This past weekend we did some serious goofing off too!!

The IHAN co-workers taking a magazine very seriously while waiting for Mr. IHAN to finish getting his hair cut.
Here they are at a water park in out hotel playing.  They love to swim and play in the water.  I think we are all a little pruned after soaking in the water for 3 days.
Did someone say Arcade?  That is one word both boys can read forwards and backwards, no kidding.
After checking out of our hotel this morning we went to Rochester, MI where Rick and I were married.  Zach, age 6, took our photo standing in the same place where we took our vows.  Not a bad photo for a 6 year old ay? 
There was a stream and some children in the water swimming and playing.  Aaron and Zach wasted no time getting to know the boys and find out what they were all looking for.  Seven little boys hunting.....
and this is what they caught!  Yuck.....they look like big cockroaches don't they? 
Little boys and a stream.....that is the definition of happiness!!


Oh yes.....and then there was this one stop that was just for IHAN Mommy.  Cristina's Quilt Shoppe on Second Street in  Rochester, MI.  What a lovely store.  I was lucky enough to be given about 30 minutes to shop and enjoy all the beautiful samples that were hanging in the store.  The gal that helped me find coordinating fabrics was very helpful (you know I need help in that area!!)  If you are ever in the area it is definitely a great Quilt Shoppe to visit.  I found some coordinating fabrics for Linda Poole's Quilt Challenge today so that tickled me. 
Posted by Picasa

"Zelda's Fancy Hat" was made up into a sample at Cristina's Quilt Shoppe. ( Pattern by Meg Hawkey, designer and owner of  Crabapple Hill ) It is the most fun witches hat I think I've ever seen.  What a great Halloween decoration.  I was told the pattern includes instructions to construct the hat.  I love the crazy quilt stitches on the hat.  You know I want one of these hats but will I take the time to make one by this Halloween?  I suppose if it were a challenge....LOL.

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.  Time for me to get back to work.....oh yeah....our boss lets us play Hooky :)



  1. I thought you already had a hat like that with a broom to match...HA!!!!!!

  2. Glad you had such a fun weekend! One just needs to do these things occasionally!

  3. I love IHAN, but this is not quilt I read your blogs, there is a very obvious delightful work is progress going on- your two youngsters look so outgoing, happy, curious, and so well cared for, like the kind of children we would love next door! Good job MOM... it can be hectic at times, but the reward is beyond compare. Sandy, a mom of two of the best, ;)

  4. How fun to play hooky with your co-workers. I loved seeing your pictures. Reminded me of when my children were small. It's so good for them to have such a close buddy. Cherish the moments, they grow up so quickly.

  5. Thanks for sharing your fun!! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time!

  6. Your goofing off looks so fun! And I think the quilt shop looks like much more fun than those giant bug thinks from the creek, but then again, I am a red-headed fabric addict too!
    Happy Tuesday Kelly!

  7. What fun. I'm so happy to hear the IHAN team took some time to play! Delightful time!


    PS - Love seeing where you and Rick were married!

  8. What a fun family adventure, something for everyone.
    We all need some goof off time.



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