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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Simply Sublime Gifts by Jodi Kahn Book Review

I was eating lunch when I heard a knock at the door.  I jumped and ran for the door because I was hoping it was my copy of Simply Sublime Gifts by Jodi Kahn and it was!!!  I had been waiting for it to arrive and did not set it down even once until I had gone through every single page.  My mother was visiting and I kept saying, oh this is cool and she actually expected me to hand her the book so she could see what I was talking about.  Nope, not until I had gone through the entire book.

I'll start by telling you there are six chapters
  • Hostess with the Mostest -Hostess Gifts
  • Pretty resents - Gifts for Her
  • It's a Guy Thing - Gifts for Him
  • Kiddin' Around! -Gifts for Kids
  • Heart Attack - Gifts from the Heart
  • Holiday Hoopla - Gifts of the Season
You all (ya'all if you are from the south :) know I'm a visual learner so I really like the "icon key" that Jodi had put in her book.  There is an icon next to each project that indicates weather it is  a no-sew, low sew, or hand sewn project.  A project skill level is indicated as well.  Level 1 is for newbies and it goes up to Level 5 for the "Craftalicous!"  There are plenty illustrations that guide the reader through the projects as well. 

Supplies are all indicated right up front so you won't be frustrated when you have chosen a project, you'll know just what you need.  I read through the list and I think there was only one thing that I did not have on hand already.  Most items are what I consider the routine supplies and items from around the house.

I was tickled to find several projects that I had not seen made before along with lots of really fun and surprising ways to make things that you may have seen before but not like this!!! 

It is not a secret that I love pincushions.  One of my customers even sent me a cupcake pincushion that I adore.  Jodi pattern is super easy and you know everyone at your stitching group would love to have one.  What a perfect gift and one that does not cost too much or take too much time.  If you can't stop yourself, feel free to send me a dozen!!! :)  I think it would be fun to make them in every holiday theme don't you?  How about a night to get together with friends to make cupcake pincushions and everyone bring different embellishments.  You could make it a challenge to see who brought the most unique embellishment.  (You know I would bring Spanky Embellished Wonderments aka Just Pins from JABC!!!)
This is the Wink Wink Eyemask .  I like sleeping with an eye mask on because I don't like the light from the nightlight in my eyes.  (Yes I know I could turn off the night light but then the co-workers would scream mommy in the night and this IHAN employee likes her sleep to be dark and quiet!!)  I am tempted to applique bulging eyeballs with red lines going through them instead of the cucumbers.  I might get a really good nights sleep-the boys and Rick would not dare bother me wearing that eye mask!!!  LOL 

These slippers really got my attention.  Do you really want to know what they are made from?  Are you sure?

Can you guess?  Dishtowels....TJ Maxx here I come!!!  When those holiday dish towels go on sale for 80% off, I'm going right over and buying them so I can make slippers.  I imagine you could use any fabric with the pattern but I love the dishtowels.  How about recycling the kids clothing into slippers?  The fun little kid clothes with all the fun pictures on them.....oh that would be neat.  (They also got my attention because you may remember my post about making my own fleece socks.  I have a size 12 foot and the only slippers I can get that fit well are men' now I can have really fun and pretty house shoes :)
I can't give away all the secrets from this great book.  I'll just leave you with this very fun photo and I'm not going to even tell you what it is.  I'm sooooo bad.....and sooooo good because I'm not going to spoil all your fun when you get your copy to enjoy for yourself. 

When I e-mailed Jodi to tell her how much I liked her book with all the fun ideas she said this:

"If there is one “main” point about my books, I would say it’s this: HAVE FUN!!!! That’s the point of all of this.  We sew and create because it’s FUN!!!! And, if I can help readers come up with super EASY ways to create things that they can enjoy themselves or give away as gifts --- AND, if those projects look stylish, too — well, then that’s even better!"
IHAN gives Simply Sublime Gifts Two Thumbs Up!!  Thank You Jodi Kahn and Random House -The Crown Publishing Group for sending me this book to review.  The book itself is a Simply Sublime Gift.

Big Smiles,


  1. Actually if you are from the South it is "Y'all" heheeee

    I would love to see the "gifts for him" section.

  2. Fun... sounds like a great book. I may have to look into it.

  3. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a great book. I'll definitely check it out.


  4. so where can i get the instructions for those cute slippers??? i clicked the "slipper" link but it took me to "play sushi"....whatever that is...

  5. looks lovely! I love the photo on the cover!! :)

  6. That was simply cool gift I will try doing this on my own. :)



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