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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Checker Distributor 62 Anniversary Open House Chapter 3 point 5

This post does not qualify for an entire chapter so it will be referred to as Chapter 3 point 5 :)

Another lunatic has ambushed one of the demonstrators and commandeered their tools.  I'll definitely share more about Simplicity's Deluxe Bobbin Winder but I could not resist posting this photo as a "bookmark" to hold my place as I continue to put together posts for the Open House.  Remember last year when I commandeered the vacuum?  It just happens....somehow that crazy Red Head just shows up and you never know what is going to happen after that.

I know each of my posts are like entire magazine articles or mini movies....but once you look at the photos I ask you....which one's would you leave out?  See, I obviously am not a good editor so my posts are lengthy and have a zillion photos.  How else could I make you feel like you were with me? 

More soon....I do have to take a few hours to do the life thing :)



  1. Don't leave anything out! It's all great.

  2. Ah, yes...the life thing! That's what I'm going this weekend too! Have fun!


  3. People will start puttling their toys away when they see you coming...HA!

  4. you are funny Kelly, real funny

  5. I love reading all what you put up and so dont leave out any photos as it just wouldnt be the same :) hugs Vicki

  6. Oh, puh-leeeeeez don't leave out anything - we are living vicariously thru you!! I can almost feel the fabrics with your descriptions!!! I LOVE how you make me feel as if I were standing right there next to you - I only wish I were!! THANK YOU for sharing everything!! you can email me at kcallander989{at}

  7. I would love to win any of the items you're posting about. You make it seem like I am there enjoying it with you. Love the posts.

  8. I was about to buy one of those, till I saw the price, lol.
    I don't want to spend that much, until I know it works for my machine, so need to ask my pfaff store about it.


  9. I enjoy everyone of your posts, don't ever stop. Lots of pictures and description makes me wish I were there with you. We would have so much fun, until we needed bail money.

  10. Truly love your blog - and your pictures. Count me in.

  11. can't wait to hear all about the sidewinder...does it work for Husqvarna?

  12. I love that crazy red-haired ambusher... Hugs!

  13. Love gadgets, show as many pictures has you want!

  14. Thanks and enjoy any time off you can grab.

  15. Love all your posts Kelly! Would love to win anything you've blogged about. The deluxe side winder is on my wish list.


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