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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mail Treasures

Lauren, the mail carrier,  has been good to me, really good to me this weekend!!!  Look at this amazing hand dyed batik table runner that was made by Abigale in Kenya.  Rosemary sent it to me as a thank you for helping her raise the money necessary to take the Nolting Mid-Arm quilting machine to Africa several weeks ago. 

Look at these batiks.  They are absolutely lovely and I am so awed that I can't stop touching the table runner.  I'm afraid my co-workers would not have the same reverence for this gift so I'm going to ask Mr. McSteamy to make a special wall hanger so I can hang it on the wall.

It is 5 feet 10 inches long too.  Every time I touch it....I think about it being made in Kenya and know I'm a little closer to Africa and my dream of visiting.  I am so moved by the gift, Thank You Rosemary!!! I am also  moved by the process by which this treasure has arrived here in my home.  The "chance" meeting and the "chance" phone exhaustion and hesitation at doing "one more thing" and then at night thinking about the women who have learned to sew so they can feed their families and care for themselves. 

The gift of sharing a skill, the gift of friendship, connection to those near and far......extending the human chain of kindness, compassion and willingness.....a Quilters Dream.....and the grace by which all of these amazing events have given me a gift.....I live for experiences just like this one....this is what nourishes my soul and gives me hope and joy.  (the entire process....not the material gift itself)

I thank everyone who contributed and you all know who you is only because of your care, concern and generosity that I was able to be a link in the chain....we all made the chain and I hope your lives are touched by what we were all able to accomplish together!!

Two packages arrived......this one was full of some fun fabric from Linda Poole.  

I know I'm busy and I don't know weather to wind my butt or scratch my watch ....however, I had to  squeeze in this one little project because I believe it will help keep me centered in doing what I love and also allow me to nourish myself by accomplishing one of my goals.  You may have noticed the button on the right sidebar of my blog that says, "My Plan For Self Care."  I'm making a quilt for me!!!  I have wanted something to put in my screened in porch that is colorful and bright that enhances the feeling of being outdoors.  What better challenge than to make one with Linda's new "Iridescence" fabric line.  If you have not joined in the challenge.....I'm inviting you to join me....together we can encourage one another to finish our projects and take better care of ourselves :)
I have to get off of this bot and get over to my serger to serge the edges of this fabric so I can wash it.  Before I go, I want to know if anyone is considering the Electric Quilt Cruise?  I can't make plans to go unless I know I'll have some cronies with if you are even thinking of going please e-mail me, 
Joyful Smiles,


  1. Do you need a roommate for the cruise??? I might be able to be talked into it...

    That table runner is beautiful! And I adore the hand-dyed fabric. What a treasure.

    Gee, now you have me hoping that Gus will bring me something nice. Might have to bribe him with a McD's gift!

  2. What treasures came in your mail. Love the table runner. And Linda's fabric is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you create for deserve it!

    Would love to join you on the EQ cruise, but won't work for me to go in 2011. Hopefully they'll do it in 2012 and I get to go then.


  3. Those batiks look pretty awesome, but I really like the fabrics from Linda Poole. They kind of have a french look to them which I'm partial to.

  4. Oh, that table runner is gorgeous, love those colors. What lovely packages you received, the fabric is pretty too.

  5. The history behing the tablerunner is awesome. Do you know if the ladies did the dying of the batiks also? I bet you were in tears when you received it. I think hanging it on the wall is a wise decision so it doesn't get dirty!
    I know your generosity was much appreciated and you should be proud.

  6. if your paying, i'm thinking about the cruise......ha

  7. What a gorgeous runner and hand dyed fabrics, what a treasure to receive. Always nice to have wonderful things come in the mail to brighten your day.


  8. Wow, that is on awesome runner...and you are so amazing when it comes to raising money...great going!! We are thinking California right we will see.


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