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Friday, August 20, 2010

Golden Thyme Designs at Spring Quilt Market 2010

Edited 8/20/10 2:00*
Lacey Hill, Golden Thyme Designs, has been one incredibly busy woman this past year.  Below are photos of quilts and bags that Lacey made for Spring Quilt Market using Northcott Fabrics

Rocky Mountain Forget-Me-Not by Lacey Hill*
The fabric in this quilt is Stonehenge by Northcott Fabrics. I really like the design in this quilt.  I'd also love to see it in batiks.   Needleturn applique is something I enjoy (especially on a large scale like this one) and this would be so much fun.  Guess I need the pressure of shows to make me work faster....or not!!
I just made a backpack using Lacey's pattern, Snap Backpack.  Mine does not look near as great as Lacey's does, but then again, I did not design the pattern either!!  :)
This is her Snap Bag pattern
 "Sunset in the Sierras"  by Lacey Hill, Golden Thyme Designs
Day at the Fair by Lacey Hill, Golden Thyme Designs

As if that were not enough, Lacey just co-authored two books with Ro Gregg.  
  Easy Sew With Lacey & Ro provides the answers to your designing questions with the help of easy to follow instructions, stunning colors, and perfectly proportioned large scale prints. Included are designs for quilts, headboards, draperies and matching accessories.

2 Easy to Sew With Lacey & Ro presents you with easy appliqué and up-sized blocks that provide the classic elements you need for creating dazzling designer home fashions.


This is a great photo I took of Ro and Lacey.  Can you believe they just finished all that work and still look alert and energetic?  I wonder if they eat Wheaties for breakfast? 
These are photos I took during the School House presentation for   (See Nancy, you can teach an old dog a new
These Hydrangeas are so beautiful and stunning in this quilt.

Don't you just love the pillow cases on the bed?  I want some of those to greet me at night too!

Between Spring and Fall Markets all of the designers and authors work endless hours creating all of these amazing and beautiful treasures to inspire the rest of us.  Thank you Lacey and Ro for all your hard work and for continuing to inspire so many of us to continue to create wonderful treasures that will be enjoyed for generations to come.


  1. What wonderful insights on Spring Quilt Market. Just delightful. Congratulations to Lacy & Ro for their new book releases! I'm sure they are fantastic.


  2. The quilt on that bed is just awesome...You have met some amazing people

  3. I guess fall market is next, can't wait to see what new things come out.


  4. I really like the Stonehenge fabrics from Northcott. Also love those hydrangeas!!

  5. Such beautiful things!! Thanks again for showing things I missed at Spring Market Kelly!


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