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Friday, August 13, 2010

Deluxe Rotary Cutting & Embossing Machine and Deluxe Side Winder by Simplicity Creative Group

Back to Spring Quilt Market News!!

Hi Miss Mimi :)  This is Mimi Shimp and she is the Product Manager at Simplicity Creative.   You've seen Mimi here before on the IHAN blog and you'll see her again I'm sure.  I enjoy seeing Mimi at Quilt Market and getting a friendly hello and a warm hug. 

This is the NEW Deluxe Rotary Cutting and Embossing Machine by Simplicity.  I got to see it up close and personal and it is way cool! 
You can cuts strips of paper and fabric from 1/4 to 6 inches. This machine is truly Deluxe!!  It has all of the following:

  •  A knob that allows you to control the speed of the machine.
  • A clear cutting guide bar.
  • Light turns on when machine is running and illuminates the cutting/embossing area.
  • Embossing disks slip on and off as easy as the blades.
  • Separate power and foot pedal cords.
  • Special tool included to adjust blade pressure.  
The Deluxe Rotary Cutting and Embossing Machine  is perfect for Quilters, Scrap booking enthusiasts and those who enjoy Paper Crafting. Make your own Jelly Rolls!  You want wider strips for boarders or binding? You can adjust the width and have custom fabric strips, squares, and rectangles with ease.

I remember seeing a Side Winder for the first time.  The small ones that first came out.  For the life of me I could not figure out why someone would want one.  Then I began quilting and now doing some free motion quilting and I'm telling you I now know the value of a Side Winder! 


Simplicity Creative Group really has outdone themselves with the new Deluxe Side Winder.  First let me tell you it comes with a Universal Plug.  That means it will work worldwide!!!  Isn't' that great?  I wish all appliances came with a Universal Plug don't you?  Here are the other excellent features the Deluxe Side Winder has:

  • Interchangeable bobbin spindles to fit all makes and models of sewing, embroidery and long arm quilting machines.

  • Winds spools to cones up to 12,000 yards.

  • Has storage compartments in the lid to hold bobbins or spools of thread.

  • Offers a telescoping guide that adjusts to different heights of thread spools.

  • Enjoy a thread cutter, bobbin fill control and a speed control knob.

  • Adjust the tension knob to accommodate a variety of thread weights.
Now that I've tried my hand at long arm quilting and I see how many bobbins you go through, I'm thinking the Deluxe Side Winder is a great invention!!  I don't have an Embroidery Machine but I know several people who do have them and they are always winding their bobbins too. 

Keep your eyes out for the Great Banana Quilt Challenge coming in 2011.  As soon as there is more information available I'll be sure to post it. 

Thank you Simplicity for continuing to work to bring the rest of us great notions to make sewing and quilting more enjoyable!!  Oh yeah, thank you too for being so wise to have Mimi working for you!!!  IHAN loves great people to work with and learn from :)


  1. Wonderful new products!
    Great Banana or Great Bandana? hee-hee

  2. I'll keep my eyes out for the Challenge. Both my mom and mother in law have had breast cancer and now are thankfully cancer free.

  3. I know i will get the Deluxe is great, and I will look into that other machine. It looks super neat. Right now, I am waiting for Tim Holtz's Vagabond machine which looks like a suitcase but cuts and embellishes most anything. That machine that you showed looks nifty for sure.

  4. That deluxe side winder is nice. I have the original one and love it. I have often wished they made one that would hold thread cones. Now they do!

  5. Lots of goodies to look at :) Thanks Kelly for telling us about them :)

  6. Thanks for the info! I love that deluxe winder! That is going to have to go on my wishing list. :-) Have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks for sharing your insights! You always do such a great job.


  8. Wow there is always something new coming out. The new sidewinder looks awesome! And of course anything that helps with cutting fabric is fabulous!

  9. I saw those in the store last week and was wondering about them. I like the idea of a strip cutter for my borders and bindings.


  10. What fun items.... I do appreciate all the information you give me...I sure need it...I need to stay informed, the only problem with information is I want it....must reframe.

  11. The side winder was one of the best investments I have ever made. It saves on your sewing machine and so much easier to fill bobbins. I have one of the small ones since I don't have an embroidery machine.

  12. I'm thinking the deluxe sidewinder should be put on my Christmas wish list along with a link to your online store :)


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