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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Did someone ask about a button? Why yes they did...several in fact

I am so very pleased to have gotten so many e-mails.  Many people wrote and said Thank You me....and I was going to write and thank them....go figure :)

Many people asked where they could get the IHAN button.....and here it all it's glory :)  It was the fancy work of Gene Black....a wonderful man who created this button just to be kind.  And the first that I know of to link to the IHAN store....just because he wanted to.  So, if you are so inclined...hop over to Gene's blog and fill his comment box up with any wild thing you want to say.  Wait until he gets up for work tomorrow....he is going to flip.

Feel free to copy and paste it to your sidebar or your forehead if you so choose.  All I ask is that you don't get it tattooed on your body....cuz that would hurt! 

Good news....actually incredible news here at IHAN.  Mr. McSteamy has finally cracked the code to downloading our HD video camera to our bot so I can post some video on my blog.  Ya gotta love a guy who spends countless hours getting everything set I'm wondering if he would do the same if I wanted a long arm....better not push it for awhile ay?

Smiles of Gratitude,


  1. Could you post the code for your button with the link? All I'm able to do is copy and paste the image of the button, which has no link to your site. Unless I just don't know what I'm doing (which is entirely possible!).

  2. Already on my blog - love to tell folks about you! Tell hubby he gets three cheers!

  3. Okay, I will forget about the tattoo. I would ever do that.

  4. I love your button. Thanks for your very fun and informative blog :-)

  5. I am so happy to have found Gene a while back. He's a wonderful man!
    I recently took all buttons off my blog. Just too many!!! But, if I add them again...I'll be sure to add yours as I do enjoy your blog and your store is wonderful!

  6. Your button is now on my blog. I am not sure I put it on there following the correct procedure but when you click on it, it takes you to your store. So I learned something new--always a good thing. Thanks for all you do, Kelly.


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