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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's Try This Yet Again

Now we have 4 people working to do something that should have been very simple.  Yes this does happen....and it happens to me.....and even when I want to cry and give up.....there are those kind folks who keep helping and keep me going. 

Well folks, I do believe we have a solution, I mean another solution!!! With much thanks to Norma Evans of Petit Design Co. and Christine, Gene Black.....and me....and I've seen lots of comments trying to help from others....if there is any I can ever return the favor...please let me know and thanks for not shooting me in the process.  By the way, I love to hand stitch on bindings so if I can do that for ya....I'm here :)

I'm so impressed with how much kindness has been shared with me today. Kindness is the answer and I honestly think it is the prelude to Peace on Earth .....just my thoughts on the subject....and I still think this....even after all this jumbled up blog/website stuff!!

Lets see if it works this time :)  Everyone say your prayers and if it does not work....come running with kleenex and please :)

Droopy Smiles,


  1. Gene was so nice to email me and help me with a new code. It is now on my blog! Yeah! Glad to help ya out!

  2. Hi Kelly, long afternoon, eh?
    I think we have a winner. I have your button on my blog site and it links to your store. So unless you crash again. I think you fixed it :-) Hang in there!

  3. Let's hope this solves your website issues now.
    I have to say, I learned about putting code in a box for people to copy from. So I got a good little lesson. I usually don't try to learn new web coding unless I need it. But I confess to be naturally geeky/nerdy.

    Love ya Kelly! But I already did those bindings on the machine!

  4. Hugs to you. Supporting shoulder and big friendly smiles. They are all yours when you need them!! {fingers crossed and kleenix at the ready}

  5. Works great - that is some bang up team you have assisting you!

  6. Well, not sure about banners, but I finally put you on my list, so people can see it when they come to my site;)

    I have my contest up tonight, so hope you enter.


  7. GOT IT!!! I just right clicked on your green logo and then clicked on copy image location and then pasted that into image from computer under pictures for gadgets.

    The point is that I got it:0)

    Thank you for going through all the trouble for your readers!!

  8. Everything looks fine with the button except you have extra br/ tags in the end, and the alt should preferably read
    This is what mine looks like and works.
    open tag a href=""close tag
    open tag imgsrc="" border="0" alt=""/close tag open tag /a close tag
    open tag is the < and close tag is >
    Hope this isn´t to confusing.Alda,Fl

  9. Since I am a no blog person, I couldn't really help out; but I was really sending you some positive energy. *S*

    I think what I need to do is ORDER something from you this month, right? *L*

  10. I hope it's working ok, Kelly - I always just copy the photo and add the link. An extra step but it's what I'm used to, lol. Hugs to you tonight!

  11. Poor Kelly, I'm just glad you had people to help you. Drank a glass of Merlot in your honor.

  12. WooHoo! Before my button was just a picture now it's a real button!!!
    It comes right to your shop! Great job! Thanks!

  13. It is working and is now up on my blog. Should have put it up months ago, I thought I had...

  14. Big smiles! It worked!! I have it on my blog!

  15. I must have missed out on all the excitement (must have been busy sending out links to my IHAN book review!!!!) I had no problem PROUDLY adding IHAN link to my blog! You are a doll!


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