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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sales, Free Shipping, Lessons and a Giveaway at IHAN

If I never see "Sale or Door Buster Special " again, I will still live a very fulfilling life.  What about you?  I don't want to stand in line for anything.   I certainly don't want to  pay more in 3 days when I discover I really need the item I did not buy when it was on "Sale."  Yes.....I"m getting old...LOL

No need to get up at 3 AM to shop at IHAN.  I'm a kinder and gentler sort of retailer :)  Shop anytime 24 hours a day and you still get the same good price.

In the spirit of FUN and FREE.....I will be throwing the names of those who order from IHAN between Nov. 24th and Nov 29th into a jar and drawing a name to win a Surprise Package worth over $50 

How often have you seen the word "Sale" at ?   You don't see "free shipping" either.    Ever wonder why?

Lets talk about the word "Sale" and what it really means.  "Sale" means that every other day of the week that the item is not on sale, I charge you more. Why would I play games with those who shop with me and trust me?   (Clearance is a different story all together.)
Why no free shipping?  Because I would have to pay to ship your order and frequently that would mean I would work for very little or nothing.  Hmmmmm.....I would not suggest to anyone that working for free is a good thing.....unless you have agreed to do that in advance :)   Now if USPS and FedEx wants to ship for free....then you know for sure I'm all over that and your order will definitely ship for Free!!!

But you do see "Giveaway" often on the IHAN blog.  I love to do giveaways because it gives people just like me a chance to try something new, read a book they might not have otherwise considered and sometimes to simply lift the spirits of someone who might benefit from something fun in the mail.
Since opening IHAN I've learned that advertising can mean something as simple as letting people know I'm here and open for business.  No tricks no gimmicks....just a simple Howdy....come on over if you like.

It was another blogger that taught me about advertising.....a simple thing really.   Gene Black, from ArtbyGene Blog,  made a button and put it on his blog to let others know IHAN is a shop and it is here on the Internet.    I have been absolutely floored and appreciative for those folks who have shopped at IHAN and on their own accord have spread the word.  

What I love the very most about IHAN is this blog.  Blogging has changed my day to day life and the way I look at the world. I thank each and every one of you for reading, leaving comments, sharing and being a part of my experience. 

Smiles of Gratitude,


  1. Blogging is definately a good thing :) I love reading your blog and I might not comment every time but I do read all you post about. I have met a lot of lovely people thru blogging and I hope to do it for ever. :) Keep up the good blogging Kelly :)

  2. Gene also suggests that other "friends of IHAN" get this button and post it on their blog.
    If you ask I am sure Kelly will send it to you.

  3. A delightful post! Am considering blogging after the first of the year...and your note today is another nudge in that diretion ;)
    Have a fun Thanksgiving (I think you make every day fun for you and your family....and life is exactly that, what we make it!) fondly, Sandy

  4. As a small business owner myself, I could not agree with your statements more!

    I will gladly add your button to the sidebar of my blog!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Kelly you definitely have the best prices around. And your service is fast and courteous. Plus you have the most highly trained co-workers out there. I love reading your blog. You always make me smile. Thanks for being a part of my blogging life :-) Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Gene had a great idea! I've added your button to my blog also! Maybe have a "add my button" with the html below it for people to grab!

  7. I am with you on shopping, this time of year.
    There are some really big sales going on, but I would be getting bumped and bruised and then the item you want is not there, because they only had two, haha. Then you stand in line to buy items you didn't really want, just because you are there and don't want to walk out empty handed;)

    I plan on relaxing at home and ordering what I can and only shopping on weekdays.


  8. You're very welcome, Kelly. It's fun to shop at IHAN and even more fun to read your blog. *S*

  9. Just a note of thanks to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and your shop. Best Thanksgiving wishes, Kathie L in Allentown

  10. Ok... my little bit of PR for you:

    If you are reading this blog and you have not actually shopped with Kelly before, let me tell you something.

    This shop is awesome. The customer service is AMAZING. This day and age with internet shopping and the need to not even see the shop or owner, has really made customer service go down. But not so with IHAN! Every time I have ordered with Kelly, it has been an awesome experience! Then tell your friends about what an awesome shop it is!

  11. I just wnated to let you know that I love your blog! I didn't join your blog for the giveaways, I joined because I love reading your blogs!

    I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

  12. Thank you Kelly for your blog; I've just "found" you from Patsy Thompson blog... and enjoyed your recent experience/trip to Houston. I enjoy your website tremendously, and thank you so much for the help when I asked questions about the Sizzix product/machines. I am new to "blogging" but perhaps you will have some time to visit me: Your store is great, and I will be shopping someday HERE!
    Leslie McNeil

  13. Ahhh Kelly, most of us look forward to new posts from you. I can always count on a laugh and I know to put down the coffee so it doesn't end up all over my computer. Thank you for being there. Hope you, the coworkers and McSteamy all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  14. Ok. I'm one of those weird people that really like sales. I've proudly stood in line, waiting for stores to open......but that was years ago. Now, at my mature age, I love being able to shop on the internet while in my jammies! And, IHAN is a great place to shop. Everytime I look at the IHAN store I find something I want. And I love all of your insights & recommendations, as you seem to know me and recommend great products that work for me (e.g. fine tweezers that I don't know how I lived w/o, till I bought them from you based on your recommendation).

    Your giveaway sounds like fun. I'm off to do some more shopping at IHAN.


  15. This is the funnest blog EVER! The pics are always interesting and most of the time GORgeous, and the writing is always hilarious! It must be a lot of fun around the IHAN shop and on the road with IHAN, too. I swear, one of these days.....Kelly's gonna find her red bag is a bit heavier than usual. And when she looks in it, I'll be smiling up at her!

    Prices at IAHN seem to be the best around, so why would we go anywhere else!

    Thanks for keeping us all in stitches!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Thank you for the smiles that your blog posts bring to my face.


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