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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Safe Landing at Detroit Metro Thanks to Delta Airlines :)

Everyone can thank Delta Airlines for bringing us (the photos) home safely.  I know there would have been a very angry mob over at Detroit Metro if those photos had not arrived safely, right? 

I got in at about 7:10 this evening and look how hard my co-workers have been working since I've been gone.

I sware it looks like Aaron is going to come unglued and Zach is going to pounce!!!  We were all very happy to be together again.  They spoiled me....I not only got the Welcome Home over one door....
but I also got this one too!!!  These guys Rock Big Socks :)!
They had set up a maze and were playing "catch a mouse." 

So that is how the co-workers were playing........
                                                        and this is how the CEO and her staff played :)

 Here are a few photos and some snippets....but the real hard core stuff will take a bit of time to organize.

It was Halloween but these gals were not in "costume."  They are Air Line Stewardesses for Emirates Airlines from Dubai.  They were just so beautiful I wanted to take their photos and they insisted we get in the photo with them.  I remember the days when all Air Line Stewardesses wore beautiful suits and were unmistakable....yes, I'm that OLD.

I ran smack dab into some celebrities from home while at Market.....
Patsy Thompson and Ernie Bode from Patsy Thompson Designs.  I so badly wanted to ask for their autographs, but I chickened out.  You know how timid I can be. (total and complete lie:)

IHAN CEO at the "Tropicana Center."
Can you believe I told the Van Driver we wanted to go to the "Tropicana Center?"  He looked at me like he had absolutely no idea what language I was speaking.  The other women in the van did not say a word.....they just sat there.  Alright far off is that from Minute Maid Park?  How many of you would have known just what I meant and is Minute Maid Park not the Tropicana Center.....come on already.....both are related to Orange least I did not ask to be taken to the Tangerine Bowl!!!!  All I can say is EXCUUUUUUUUSSSSSSE MEEEEEEE.....(just the way Steve Martin says it ! : )

We did bring costumes but chickened out and did not wear them.  However, Mrs. Rosemary did bring her Halloween Village and we pinned it to the front of her walker.  How cool is that?  I was hoping to see Karen Eckmeier (The Quilted Lizard) during Market because this is her pattern from her book, Happy Villages.
You may remember Mrs. Rosemary fell during Spring Market and had to rely on a wheelchair for the duration of that Market.  We got smart and brought along a walker this time.  She had no troubles this time :)
I ran into a few other friends I was not expecting to see.....look how happy they were to see me.......
I had no idea Yao Ming would be so happy to see me.....

Then of course there was my good buddy George......
Good ole George Foreman saw me coming and he put up his dukes.  All I said to him was, " don't want to mess with this.....I'm a Bad Mamma Jamma and the Posse is on its way."  He turned and ran...pretty fast too.  No IHAN Ninja Moves necessary....good thing too.....because I'm exhausted and I'm heading north to the Land of Nod.

If any part of this post is spelled correctly or makes on sense....EXCUSSSSSSEEEEEE  MEEEEEEE.....I need some sleep.....and I'm more than willing to correct it tomorrow :)  LOL

Good to be home and great to be able to blog again....I really missed blogging and posting with photos.

Sleepy Smiles,


  1. Girl, I wish I had known you were flying into Metro, I would have come to meet you! Those stewardesses are so beautiful, I too remember when they used to dress to the nines. What a lovely welcome home you got from your beautiful boys - glad you're back, now get some sleep!

  2. How fun Kelly...can't wait to hear what else you have to say and show us....glad you had a fun time!

  3. Sounds like everyone was happy to see you and sounds like you had fun in Houston. Next year Barb and I are coming, so move over Houston.

  4. Glad you made it home safely & to such a lovely welcome :)

  5. Had a good laugh reading about Yao Ming and George!

  6. Ha ha...I love your celeb encounters.

  7. Welcome home and thanks for the laugh out loud moment. I think I would have known you meant the orange juice place, but I'm from Florida.

  8. Topicana! I, too, remember stewies in beautiful suits... Years of flying Braniff and Eastern... Yes, I'm that old!

    What an awesome welcome home! Get some rest, catch up with work, and we'll be waiting to hear all about it.

    Welcome Home!

  9. Welcome home!
    I can't wait to hear about your adventures, but I am sure you could use a few days to relax and enjoy your family.


  10. I love it that you said Tropicana. I totally get that.

    Thanks for sharing your great homecoming - it made my day to see those pictures. What a precious reception!!

  11. Glad you made it home safely! Nothing better than a welcome home sign from your boys. I hope you catch up on some sleep!

  12. What fun. I loved the welcome home sign!

    So, did you snag Patsy's autograph? Lucky you...getting a chance to see so many talented people and beautiful items, as well as new products. I so want to join you in 2011.



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