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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HELP- Honestly- Kindness Had Crashed the IHAN Site

Too many hot links have crashed my site...WHY....because I'm a knucklehead and didn't tell everyone who copied my button that they needed to do this first:
Copy and download the IHAN button to your computer.  THEN upload it to your blog and link it to my website 

RUN FAST AND REMOVE THE BUTTONS and do the steps above because I've been trying for two days to do a Cyber Monday Special.....and everyone will want to know what is was....will be ....right?  RIGHT.


Please please please don't leave a comment on this post if you want a reply....I'll be swamped trying to change my website so I won't have time to reply :)

Huge Hugs,
Knuckleheaded Kelly


  1. Ooops.


  2. you could host a button on Photobucket (free and legit) and then just copy the link (provided) heck I'll do it for you... I'll be right back in a jiff

  3. OK post this under your button image and tell people to just copy and paste this code wherever they want your button to appear. No need to download the image as it is now hosted on my photobucket account:

    ok it's not letting me put html in the comments section, shoot me an email and I'll send you the code

  4. Did I tell you that you are one of my favorites, :-) Ok if not now you know, blink ;-)
    Thank you
    Alda, Fl

  5. WooHoo! I got the new button posted into my blog! Thanks Kelly, you are the best. I'm anxiously awaiting my new EQ7.


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