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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lisa Spalding's Quilt Foundry OPENED Yesterday

Just as I suspected...there was a line of ladies camping out at the Quilt Foundry on Sunday.  I drove to Maumee in an un-marked vehicle and staked out the Quilt Foundry early Sunday morning.  I was able to rent a room across the street in a small house for the day.  Luckily there was a young gullible family who lives there and they bought my story about doing some undercover underquilt work.

How crazy do you have to be to sit outside a quilt shop for 24 hours waiting for it to re-open?  At first I thought the one in the sleeping bag might be a wondering homeless drunk....but no....she actually just resting.

The line wrapped around the building by 3:00 PM on Sunday.  It was nice to see those gals inviting another quilter to play cards with them.  I guess these cut-throat shoppers have a kind streak in them.
Can you imagine sleeping on the ground on a cold Ohio Street?  Me either!! 
The Maumee River is just down the street and I guess these gals came prepared for anything....including the possibility of rising water.  Now that is what I call prepared!

I broke in through the bathroom window on Monday morning.  What is a little time in the pokey for a simple B & E?  Could not be more than a few weeks I figured.

I came out of the bathroom and all I could see were faces pressed up against the window of the shop.  I had previously heard chanting, "Open, Open, Open."  My only guess is that Lisa promised everyone who came a Jumbo Bag of M & M's.  Why else on GGE would anyone go to this length to get some sale fabrics and notions?

Before anyone could see me, I snuck back out the bathroom window and got in the line.  Those ladies rushed the doors and I laid on the street for at least 30 minutes before I could manage to stand up and drag myself into the shop. 
Once inside, I noticed Lisa had received a lovely bouquet of flowers.  I tried to take them from the delivery person and say I would give them to the owner......but a gal who works there caught me.....I backed off for a bit. 

I snuck into the other room with all the sale notions and who did I see?  Mrs. Rosemary seems to turn up everywhere.  From now on, I'm going to have everyone hunt for Waldo, I mean Mrs Rosemary in the posts!!

When the cash register opened for the first time and I witnessed Lisa getting her first dollar....I saw fire....before I knew it I leapt over the counter and grabbed that dollar.  We had a good fight for that dollar bill I'm telling ya.

If you have believed any of this story, other than the part of Lisa Spalding's Quilt Foundry Opening on Monday morning at 10:00.....then I have lots of property in Florida I'd like to talk with you about.  Please phone me immediately at 1-800-URN-UTS :)
Laughing Out Loud with Smiles,


  1. What part of Florida are we talking about?
    Anyone up for a game of "I found Rosemary?"

  2. You are such a great undercover agent. Great reporter too! Love this opening. But I'm not sure I could have "toughed" the Ohio weather to camp out in front of the store, waiting for it to open. I would have asked for bolts of fabric to keep me warm!


  3. Oh man, I wish I was there... And you all camped out? Seriously? really?

    You crack me up. When I come visit we need to go there...

  4. I guess I am just old. I would not consider "camping out" for tickets for ANYTHING. LOL

  5. Cute post!! Good luck to the shop, looks wonderful!

  6. I never really understood camping out for grand openings, tickets, the newest release of something, Black Friday, etc. Personally I don't think I really need something that badly that I have to camp out so I can save a couple of bucks or to say I have it first.

    It looks like you have lots of fun and thanks for the morning laugh.

  7. Too funny! I love the added inflatable boat, for no apparent reason. Thanks for the morning laugh!

  8. You just crack me up; never run out of funny ideas, do ya?

    I still laff when I think of how my LONG ruler packaging arrived here a couple months back. *L*

    Shop should be called Quilt Fundry looks like to me.

  9. What a fun post! All your posts are fun, though! Godluck to Lisa and the Quilt Foundry!

  10. Love the post! Great opening for the store! I would have come and stood in line with you! Last time I did that was for Bob Seger tickets! LOL
    Love the raft...can't say you're an oar short, Kelly!
    -Diane G.

  11. ahaha! This was so funny.

    At first I figured those ladies might be... well, (whispers)- 'drinkers'. (Which would explain the sleeping bag tidily.)

  12. You mean it's not true? I already own property in Florida so no thanks.

  13. In my younger days (daze?) I waited in line for Neil Diamond tickets. Would I do it again? I dunno. Would I camp out for a quilt shop sale? More'n likely. With you, Kelly? Definitely.

    Y'all just have too much fun!! But, you're kind to share it with us!

  14. The Quilt Foundry is simply awesome! Camping out in front doesn't sound weird at all! Maybe it could be an annual event.


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