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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Local Quilt Shop-Quilt Foundry-Changes Hands

REPOST- I posted the wrong hours.....YIKES

The actual hours at Lisa Spalding's Quilt Foundry are:
Monday-Thursday 10-7 and Friday and Saturday 10-5

The Quilt Foundry has been owned by 4 ladies for the past 22 years.  Gretchen, Mary, Margaret and Peg have decided to "retire" and there was a reception for them on Oct. 26th.  I actually just stumbled upon the reception as I went in to buy some fabric.  Good think I always carry my trusty camera!!!

This was a fun article posted just inside the door at the Quilt Foundry.  The gal on the top right is Gretchen.  Below is a photo of Gretchen at the reception.  She still has that same great welcoming smile!!
This is Peg and the photo is not very clear. I was shooting over another person and I did not want to disrupt her conversation.
Margaret is on the left and the new owner, Lisa Spalding is on the right.  Every time I needed to find a fabric to coordinate Margaret was my go-to person.  I guess I'll have to find her the next time I'm stuck!!!  I wish I had her gift/talent.

The Quilt Foundry closed on October 29th and will re-open on Monday, November 15th at 10:00 with a SALE......oh yeah baby!!!  Nothing brings quilters out into the cold faster than a fabric sale....very nice quilt shop fabric....I wonder if there will be campers out there the night before.  I can see a long line of ladies with their lawn chairs all lined up to the door starting at 5:00 pm the night before....LOL.

Lisa a well known long arm quilter here in our area.  I know she will be very successful in her new business and I hope if you are in the area you will stop by and say Hi.  Feel free to purchase hundreds of thousands of yards of fabric while you are there!!! :)
Rich Spalding, Lisa's husband, is also a long arm quilter (rumor has it Rich owns 10% of the business....does that make him a silent partner? ).  I can't wait to see where they put their long arm machines.  I heard from a little birdie that they have done some renovations.  Hmmmm....wonder if anyone will notice a tall red head peaking in the windows?  I could disguise myself as the meter reader and insist in getting in to read the meter.  I fear they would recognize me and pull the window shades.

This is a before photo....I'll post another after I see all the changes.  The Quilt Foundry's new hours are Monday - Saturday 10-4, Tuesday evenings 7-9pm and after the new year they will have Sunday hours as well.  I know Lisa is excited and can't wait to welcome everyone so stop on over and check out her new digs.



  1. It looks like a wonderful shop to go to and the new owners have nice plans for the reopening. I love the smaller shops, you can actually ask a question and they know the answer;)


  2. oooh, I'll have to pay them a visit the next time I get up nawth....

    Today is moving day. Guys pick up furniture today. Lord (and xanax) grant me strength! LOL!

  3. The good new is that the shop didn't just close. That is what happened with our LQS

  4. I love to hear when a quilt shop is changing hands instead of closing. My closest shop is over an hour away, doesn't stop me though.

  5. Good luck to the new owner and best wishes to the ladies retiring! Looks like a delightful shop ;) Sandy

  6. Oh Wow Kelly, my BFF took me to the Quilt Foundry in 2007! We also went to the fabulous Tea House which was right across the street. I loved both the quilt shop and the tea house. It was a great trip :-)

  7. Well, where's Mary? I kept looking for her pic to pop up as I scrolled thru. *S*

    The other three look just as nice as they can be; I bet they really did have good customer service.

    Sounds like an exciting re-opening.

  8. Lisa and her husband do a beautiful job of machine quilting. She has done a few of my quilts and I've lost count of how many she has done for my mom. I'm so happy that the quilt shop will still be open :)

  9. Best of luck with the reopening and to the new owners. Our LQS has also just been taken over by a new owner. Exciting times!

  10. I'm happy that the shop isn't closing - wish I could join you when it re-opens!


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