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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Marianne Burne-Gogrin in Houston for Quilt Market 2010

Marianne Burne-Gogrin, Designer
When I entered Marianne's Schoolhouse she was chatting with folks and putting the final items in place.  I chatted with Marianne for a minute because I wanted to know how to pronounce her last name correctly.  I learned Marianne was born in New York, raised in Ireland and has lived in France for quite some time.  Learning more about Marianne is on my list of "to-do's" when I see her next.  Do you find it interesting to learn about people's lives when you admire their work?

Marianne Byrne-Goarin's (Cinnamon Patch) Schoolhouse presentation was eye candy for the applique and wool felt lover.  Although all of her patterns can certainly be used with cotton fabrics, I must say the wool felt (National Nonwoven Felt) makes them really incredible. 

Cinnamon Inspirations, yes that is my thumb on the left....I had it in my hands.....but I was so awe struck by it's beauty (100% truth) that I lost my mind and put it back on the table....WHAT?  I've lost my touch.... I mean mind!

Marianne is holding up some of the newest colors from National Nonwoven Wool Felt.  I have absolutely love National Nonwoven Felts and they have some made from Bamboo too.

Be honest with me, can you honestly gaze upon such beauty and not feel light in your spirit? 
I need to commit a Federal Crime so I can go to Federal Prison (I hear they are nicer than other prisons) so I can spend my days stitching.  Or go crazy and convince the folks in white coats that I can be trusted with needles and scissors. 
This is a needle know how if feel about those.  I NEED it.....oh I don't know if I can keep my sanity and finish this post.......I'm loosing it fast.........faster......almost gone now..........I'm circling the drain.......someone save me.....are those white coats I'm seeing now?  (Thorazine does strange things.)
 Or is it Thread House?.....ahhhhhhhhh             
This thread house/keep is incredible.  It opens from the roof flap and I should have taken a photo of the inside...but I didn't.  The cheerful factor of Marianne's work is right up at the top of the scale.  When I walked into the meeting room at School House and I spotted Marianne's designs....I sware my heart lifted and the joy meter in my chest skyrocketed. 
Look at the little ribbon that ties to keep the roof closed.  I want that little house sitting next to my stitching chair, don't you?  (if your answer is no....I bet if one was sitting there you would  smile a mile wide)
Marianne was demonstrating at Brewer's booth.  Look at that wool felt....I could just eat is so yummy.
Yes, those are spools of Aurifil 12 wt threads.....Marianne's own collection!!  Aren't they beautiful?
I hope you have managed to maintain your sanity while reading this post.  I know I can loose mine fairly quickly from time to time....typically when I see things that I adore and admire.  No worries though....I have been thoroughly examined by the best and they say it is too late to "really loose my mind" ...if that was going to would have already happened....LOL
I found a great review of Cinnamon Inspirations on the Learning Patchwork website.  Click here to read it for yourself.  See, I'm not the only one that strongly recommends Marianne's work.
Cinnamon Patch also has some individual patterns.  I need to add the rest to the IHAN website. 


More photos from School House in Houston.  Droollllling now......

The next two photos were taken at the Brewer Quilting and Sewing Booth.

Now you know why I go to Market.....I get to see up close and personal all the beautiful things that I would otherwise only see in magazines and books.  If you ever have the opportunity to make the pilgrimage to Festival.....GO!  you will be so glad you did.  And don't forget to take as many of your closest stitching and quilting friends as will fit on the plane or vehicle.  Rent a Semi if you need is definitely worth the trip.  Some year I will stay for Festival.....perhaps when the co-workers are a little older.....or when they can come with me-now that would be amazing.

Big Happy Smiles,


  1. WOW!! What great stuff!! Love the colors of all of the fun things!

  2. Oh WOW what gorgeous pieces! She does some incredible work. Love seeing all the eye candy :-)

  3. So unusual to see wool in bright colors. I haven't worked on any wool applique in ages, do you think they would let us be roomies in that Federal prison?

  4. Marianne's Aurifil wool thread kit was the first to sell at festival for us! She is amazing!

  5. Hey Kelly, this Cinnamon Patch post has some amazing things! I would have spent a lot of time in her booth and at her demos and schoolhouse! Wonderful colors and designs.

  6. You are so funny---that I had a coughing fit from laughter reading this post! The felt is very delectable yes indeedie!!

    I can only dream of going to market for now:)

  7. I love it!!! thank you to share, I meet Marianne in Vincenza - Italy. I love her creations.

  8. Love her things and the fun colors.
    Great inspiration to get going on some new christmas decorations.


  9. Ooohhh No wonder you felt (no pun intended) like you were loosing your mind....that would have been incredible to be there and see it all ...Absolutely lovely and I am in love :) Thanks for showing me. hugs Vicki xx

  10. Wow what a talented designer - I love how cheerful her colors are! Did I hear you right, there's bamboo felt? BAMBOO?????? I think I need some more than I need food!

  11. WOW, that's some pretty stuff! Sooooo cheerful & full of life! I cannot beLIEVE you put that down!! And no samples made it into your bag? You *are* losing your mind! But we're glad you're back down on the ground with the rest of us!

  12. oh my gosh! that work is so beautiful!!!!!!

  13. now that stuff is knock-down, drag out gorgeous!

  14. I love, love,love her stuff. I want to make that house real bad. Thanks for the pictures I can drool over!


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