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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flamingos,Flat Stanly's Travels and A Quilting Blogger Hook Up and

Flamingo Update:
The Flamingos are now playing soccer....
...and I've also seen them riding their bikes too.
You just never know what those Flamingos will be up to next!

Update on Zachary's Flat Stanly Travels:

You won't believe how busy Flat Stanly has been.  I know I was shocked myself and very surprised how long it took me to organize Flat Stanly's photos with the narration of his travels.

You are looking at 33 12X12 pages of Flat Stanly's Travels up until May 14, 2012.  I've since received many more trip narratives and photos that have yet to be added to his album.  Stanly has been to Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, Toronto, Nevada, Smithville Ontario, Arab Alabama,
Hover Dam and Bridge, Budapest, Copenhagen Denmark, Council Bluffs Iowa, Schenectady New York
Leominster MA,Columbia South Carolina, Yamhill County Oregon AND that doesn't include all the recent pix I have received.  I am totally shocked and blown away by everyone's kindness in taking Flat Stanly with them on their travels.  I THANK YOU and Zachary also Thanks you :)

A quilting blogger hook up :)

Pam is a blogger from North Carolina and she was in the area last week.  We made plans to meet up and had lunch together.  Oh it was a ball.  I was tickled that we got to meet.  She had received this beautiful quilt from her mother-in-law so she brought it to show me. 

(After writing this post it dawned on me that the term "hook up" is slang and it can mean several things.  I couldn't come up with another catchy phrase that means meeting up with a blogging friend so I'm keeping this term until I can invent another one :)



  1. Ha ha.. I know Stanley had a great time in Alabama. He was such a considerate guest. I think you will have to make a full scrapbook to get all of his journey documented.
    Maybe Zach will get some type of "over achiever" award!

  2. You could say that you were basted to another quilter or that you were quilted together :)

  3. Those are some serious hexies.

  4. Ha! My sister teaches high school and it seems that my vocabulary is shrinking as I eliminate words and phrases that have new meanings! It's so much fun to meet our blogging friends face to face!
    That is a gorgeous quilt!!!

  5. I am so sorry, I totally forgot about Flat Stanley but it does look like you had a terrific response.

    Those flamingos are a hoot!!

  6. Those flamingos could very well have been made right here in Leominster, Massachusetts! That's where the original plastic pink flamingos were made! Flat Stanley got to meet some originals in person while he was here visiting! Lucky guy!


  7. Stanley sure gets around!!!! How nice to meet up with another blogger, you had me laughing about hooking up...I think it means something much different to the younger generation!!

  8. Love the Flat Stanley travels! you have a wonderful group here, Kelly! Beautiful quilt and so glad you met a fellow blogger! I want to get a goose lawn ornament windsock and sneak it into the flamingo gathering!

  9. I love the flamingo updates and I'm so glad Zach had such a good response with Flat Stanley. It was fun taking him on my trip.


  10. I'd say Stanley sure is getting around! How fun!
    I can honestly say I don't think I have ever seen such a talented group of flamingos! Wonder which team won?! That quilt is gorgeous!

  11. When does Stanley need to be home?? We are going travelling in June and I am happy to take him along. We are in South Australia and we are heading to Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia.
    Let me know if you want Stanley to come and we will print him out.

  12. I missed Stanley!! DRAT!! He sure was a busy little guy! Let me know if you want pics from NH & VT, I can make it happen....and "hook up" - hahaha!! I use that phrase too and the kids are always rolling their eyes at me. oh well.


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